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Expandable List with OutlineGroup & DisclosureGroup in SwiftUI 2.0

Building an expandable list with nested items is quite a complex and error prone task to implement when using UITableView in UIKit. Luckily with SwiftUI 2.0, Apple introduced OutlineGroup and DisclosureGroup. With the views in our arsenal, we can build a hierarchical expandable and collapsible list with minimal lines of code using declarative syntax and reactive state management.

What We Will Build

We’re going to explore about OutlineGroup and DisclosureGroup, and how we can use them in practice to build List that represent hierarchical data in the UI by building three different kind of screens:

  1. Using List to render hierarchical data.
  2. Using OutlineGroup in List to handle multiple kind of views. …

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Swift REST API & AWS Lambda & DynamoDB

Last month, The Swift Core Team & Swift Server Work Group had announced the availability of Swift AWS Lambda Runtime as well as support of Swift on Amazon Linux 2 OS. With both of this announcement, we finally have some official support to run Swift on AWS Lambda environment.

Swift has many advantages such as low memory footprint, high performance, and quick start time. The Swift AWS Lambda runtime also uses SwiftNIO to provide high performance non blocking networking engine for us to run asynchronous event driven code.

The runtime itself provides built-in support for many Lambda supported events such as HTTP request event from API Gateway, S3 object storage event, Simple Notification Service, and Simple Queue Service. …

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Image Filter SwiftUI macOS App

SwiftUI enables developers to use unified tools and API for building full native applications across Apple platforms. We can target specific platforms and build the UI component without having expertise for each target specific framework such as UIKit (iOS & tvOS), AppKit (macOS), and WatchKit (watchOS). As a developer, we can build apps much faster with declarative syntax, safer with reactive binding and state management between UI and model. At last, we don't have to do context switching when building across platforms.

What We Will Build

In this tutorial, we will build a native Image Filter macOS App with the following features:

  • Filter image using predefined filters from the GPUImage2 Swift library. …


Alfian Losari

Mobile Developer and Lifelong Learner. Currently building super app @ Go-Jek. Xcoding with Alfian at https://alfianlosari.com

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