Our screens have shattered into millions of mirror fragments

This story begins with a reflection on fear and hope, seats you on the Mars Opportunity Rover for a drive to a simulated moon base in Poland, and then straps you onto a rocket back to Mars again. It is about how the world has changed for the worse in the last 15 years, and how our only hope… is hope

A global shadow-play of chaos and disorder

In 2005 the world stood up to terrorists and drew the sting from deadly attacks in London by saying ‘We’re Not Afraid’.

Probably the most recognisable icon from my We’re Not Afraid Project in 2005, now a kind of shorthand for protesting terror attacks. Source.

Visionary work is seldom motivated by profit

In April of 2004 I sent my broken Motorola TH-55 to an engineer working on the Mars Opportunity Rover. I was sent this in return:

A Laser etching of the Opportunity Rover sent to me by one of the engineers working on the project in 2004.

A simulated Moon Base somewhere in Poland

Last year I made a board-game with my friends Allix and Michal. It’s called Evil Corp and is a dark yet tongue in cheek reflection on the hubris that seems to accompany visionaries as they try to mould the world to fit their view of it.

The Agent — written and directed by Mike Sizemore

A plausible future in which we kill ourselves off

For a bit of fun I tweeted Elon Musk about Evil Corp (The Visionary character in the game is loosely based on him). Amazingly he actually tweeted back:

We need both points of view

I was listening to a podcast about the partisan divide in the US — looking at it through the lens of biology.

We’re not on the Web, we’re in a Net

I once wrote that ‘We’re not on the Web, We are the Web’. But I realise now that it’s not a web at all, it’s a mesh:

The tools we choose to use divide us

I’m sitting at my desk looking at the City of London:

Titles have been changed in the interests of passable writing.

People don’t have ideas. Ideas have people

Despite my statement above — maybe Brexit isn’t a done deal after all.

Product Strategist, Boardgame Designer

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