Reasons to Install Wood Burning Fireplace Inserts and Safety Tips

5% to 10% of the heat produced by the traditional fireplace stays in the home, and the rest goes up the chimney with soot and other harmful and toxic combustion byproducts which cause pollution. So, if you are looking for an alternative heating option that is environment friendly, then wood burning inserts are just perfect for you.

A wood burning fireplace insert is not only the best alternative heating source, but it also upgrades the appearance and functionality of your fireplace. This is the reason that wood burning fireplace inserts are considered as one of the most reliable, alternative heating source. Below are discussed some of the reasons for the great popularity of this type of fireplace (Information Courtesy- The Original Flame)

1. Environment friendly:

Wood is regarded as one of the most environment friendly fuels, since it is a sustainable and renewable resource and it is considered as carbon neutral by the Carbon Trust. It does not matter whether the wood is being decayed naturally (forest fire) or burning in your hearth, it releases the same amount of carbon.

Modern wood burning inserts are especially designed to burn up the harmful combustion that is released by traditional fireplaces. Today’s contemporary wood burning inserts emit less that 1 gm of smoke and maintain the Environmental Protection Agency’s clean air standards.

2. Energy efficient:

The modern wood burning fireplace insert is highly energy efficient. This is because of their innovative design to minimise the smoke and emissions. In fact some models have more than 80% energy efficiency. The dual combustion system of a wood burning fireplace insert helps it to generate long lasting fire and makes it energy efficient. The advanced venting system holds this heat and prevents escaping up the chimney. The heat distributor fans of the chimney push the heat back to the home. As it is highly energy efficient, you can spend hours without adding extra fuel to the fire.

3. Maintenance cost is reduced:

You don’t need to maintain and clean the wood burning fireplace insert yearly. So the maintenance cost is minimized to a great extent. Repairing a damaged insert is less expensive than repairing a masonry fireplace.

4. Unique and attractive designs:

You can find a number of attractive styles and designs of fireplace inserts from minimalistic to ornate. According to your aesthetic preference, you will find the most suitable model of the fireplace insert. Along with their attractive features, the wood burning fireplace insert provides a number of features like a self-cleaning glass door, heat distributor fans, remote control and thermostats. These make your fireplace more convenient and user-friendly.

We can conclude that the beauty of this insert lies in the performance of the state of the art wood stove. If you are a user, you are definitely enjoying the aesthetic beauty of your room. If you are thinking about installing a wood burning fireplace, then you should follow some safety and maintenance tip to get the most productive fireplace ever-

· If there is a smell of smoke, that means something is wrong in your fireplace and can be dangerous for you.

· Though annual maintenance is not required, your chimney and vents do need to be cleaned and inspected by professionals annually.

· Remove ashes on a regular basis and store them in a covered metal container.

· Use wood that has been dried for at least six months.

· For safety reasons, install a carbon monoxide detector and smoke alarm in the general vicinity of the fireplace.

Hope this article will help you to understand the advantages of a wood burning fireplace insert and persuade you to install one in your home.

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