Things to Check While Shopping for New Tyres

Most people love their cars just as much as they love themselves. The slightest scratch on a shiny new car is enough to drive the best of us nuts. Everybody does their level best to maintain their car in its straight-out-of-showroom appearance. Monthly servicing, weekly change of oil — everything is done with due diligence by people who are truly passionate about their vehicles. However, sadly, most people wouldn’t bother checking up on the health of their vehicle’s tyres in the same manner that they would about some scraped-off paint on the car’s surface. This is extremely unfortunate and a tad bit ironical as well; since it’s really the tyres which give expression to the mileage and stamina of a car. People think about replacing tyres only when they get all worn out and flat. When we do finally have to go to the tyre repair and changing/replacement service, we’re outright overwhelmed by all the choices presented before us. This is but natural, since all car makers spend a huge amount of time deciding on the perfect type, model and brand of tyre to go with the kind of vehicle being manufactured. There are a lot of factors involved when it comes to choosing the correct tyre: comfort of ride, braking, handling, optimum and efficient blend of road noise, efficiency and much more. Thus, if you want to get your tyres replaced, you ought to make sure that you’re landing up with something which would serve as effectively as your old tyres. There are lots of companies that replace car tyres in Montague Gardens and other parts of South Africa. Below is a list of everything that you need to check out about new tyres:

· First of all, you should make sure that you’re getting a tyre from the house or brand that you trust. Since you’re not really a vehicle manufacture expert, you will have to go by the reputation, years of experience and the technological investment done by the company in question. Also, a little expert advice from the car manufacturers wouldn’t hurt. Overall, you need to go by brand goodwill and not be swayed by the lesser-known brands.

· You must also know how to correctly identify second-hand tyres and separate those from the tyres that are manufactured by well-known tyre companies. One single look at the sidewall would tell you where it was manufactured; and that would definitely ring alarm bells. Also, if the company trademark name seems dubious, not much heard of, and has little to no transparent history or records of its past dwellings, then don’t go for it.

· Take a good, long look at the sidewalls of your tyre. It will have certain numbers and letters inscribed on it, which will tell you exactly what kind of tyre your vehicle requires. For example, “P” stands for passenger metric, “T” denotes temporary spare, etc. In case there are no letters and only numbers, then it must mean that the car’s wheel has its aspect ratio, wheel diameter and load index measures/statistics inscribed upon it. These numbers and letters are indicative of the character of the tyre which your car used to have, and which would be suitable for your vehicle’s tyre replacement.

In short, these are the three things you need to check before shopping for replacement tyres.

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