How to learn a language in 5 steps

Hello to all, today I am going to share a method for learning languages that I use every time I approach one.

  1. Do some research on the language before you “officially” start learning it. I like to watch some pronunciation videos on YouTube before I start studying. You should also learn the alphabet (be able to read and write) before you start to worry about grammar or building up your vocabulary. You could also carry out some research to see whether or not there are similarities between languages you already know and your target language. It’s good to be prepared and to know what to expect when studying and which direction to follow.
  2. Learn some phrases and common grammar structures. You should learn phrases because you can use them in daily situations. Learning common structures like “ I would like…” and “ Can I…? “ etc will allow you to fill in the nouns at the end of the sentences and these are patterns in the language that are used all the time. Am I making sense?
  3. Listen, read, and analyse lots and lots of material. You should also pick up a good old-fashioned course book and follow it. Listening to lots of material will help you to adjust your ears to the intonation of the language. If you are familiar with the sounds of a language, it will be much easier to remember vocabulary (it just is). You should stick to a course book because buying too many and switching between them will make you lose focus. You should buy a grammar book as well which can help you when there are some things that you just don’t understand.
  4. Start to watch TV shows and films in the target language. I like to watch animated films because the dubbing isn’t so bad and you can follow along with what’s being said if you have already seen the film before.
  5. OUTPUT. Write sentences and talk to natives all the time. You should speak and write as much as possible. You should venture out at this stage and try to read harder material and listen to content that is targeted at natives. You should simply immerse yourself as much as possible and suck up all the information that you come across.

Some apps to help you out: Memrise, DuoLingo, HiNative, Babbel, and Lingvist.