Changing my mind on the Green Party

After the election, I was doing an autopsy on my critical approach to the Greens. I sat there saying that the Greens should build a movement where they take this country by storm, and a Green-tide would rise from obscurity, instead of just running a President every four years who herself, as I thought would rise out of obscurity every four years, and then return to the obscurity.

Then, the election happened. Donald Trump became the “soon-to-be” President-Elect. Hillary Clinton had conceded, but there was one voice that wasn’t going anywhere: Dr. Jill Stein. Now, for those of you who know me, I have been one to fight with people about Jill, calling her out because of her Vice Presidential candidate, among other things, but I have to stand with you now.

That’s right, I’m standing with the Greens on this one, and it maybe too little, too late, but I will say this: He’s not, nor will he ever be my President. The Green Party has a moment here, and the one thing they have screamed about, among other things is the electoral college. I agree with them, it’s archaic, and it should be eliminated.

I do like other things in their platform, and I think if they side with people in Our Revolution, I believe there will be a great Green wave, provided they start small, and mobilize. I’ll stand with them locally to get on the ballot, because I really do think they should be the wave of what is to come, and force the country to eradicate the electoral college, to bring forth new blood into the political spectrum that speaks for the people, not just for a select few.

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