A Tale of Two Cubas

Fidel Castro desegregated Cuba and then, with the help of the US Embargo, kept everybody down. So, my take on his legacy is “thank you” and fuck you.”

It all started like a scene from a movie. Everyone was celebrating the fall of the evil dictator, Batista. Castro strolled in like a conquering hero and, with machete in hand, cut the rope that was separating the blacks from the whites effectively ending segregation in Cuba. Little did the Cubans know that this was the beginning of the end.

If only the (mostly white) Cubans who fled to Florida realized that pushing the embargo issue only made Castro stronger. Unfortunately, they couldn’t get past their anger. Maybe if they had been paying better attention when their leader, Batista, was lining his pockets (and theirs) while the rest of the country was starving it would have never come to this.

Listen, I hate Castro as much as anyone for what he’s done to the beautiful original pearl of the Caribbean. But let’s be honest, if things were so great before him he would have never been able to rise to power the way he did. And for all of the Cubans, mostly in Florida, who continue to support an embargo that obviously doesn’t work, I wish that you could get past your anger and think logically. Every time the people of Cuba try to speak out and blame socialism for their situation, Castro only had to point North and say, “it’s not us, it’s the embargo.” If the embargo was lifted and things on the island remained bad there would be no one else to blame. Then maybe, just maybe, the Cuban people would wake from their sleep. But instead we push the embargo that does nothing but starve the Cuban people while the Castros still feast on steak and caviar. Shame on you, Miami. I’m sure most of you have no family left in Cuba so, hey, no skin off your backs. Also, I have to wonder if the children and grandchildren of the Cubans who were unfairly driven from their homeland expect to just one day waltz back in and claim what was once theirs. What happens to the people that have suffered all these years on the island while you and the Castros helped starve them to death?

And now with Trump about to take office and “make America great again” things are only going to get worse. He’s already threatening to reverse everything Obama did towards ending the embargo. Donald Trump is a business man first and foremost and I’m sure he’d like nothing better than to have Trump Towers all over the island but he has a debt to pay to the good people of Florida who helped get him elected. They want him to shut everything down but someone please explain to me how this helps the Cuban people. Maybe you expect them to get so angry that they turn on Raul now that the big bad is gone. But that line of thinking is completely hypocritical. None of you or your immediate family starved or fought. You guys left. So, Raul is keeping the people of Cuba down from the inside and all the Castro haters in the US are keeping them down from the outside by continuing this pointless embargo.

So now the question is, who is more responsible for the current plight of the Cubans — the Castros or the US Cubans that demand the embargo? I know that the anti-Castro groups feel that free trade will put money in the Castros’ pockets. This is a valid concern. But the embargo that starves the Cuban people does not starve Castro or his inner circle so why continue something that only hurts the people you claim to be fighting for? I realize that Fidel Castro was a tyrant who lied to the Cuban people about everything. While he claimed to have made everyone equal what he did was make everyone poor. Except of course for himself and his inner circle. But let’s not be hypocrites. We have always traded with Russia and are now in bed big time with China, the kings of Communism. So let’s not scream about not trading with Cuba because they’re Communist. Because we all know damn well if there were oil wells in Cuba the United States would have either overthrown Castro or told the Miami mafia to shut the fuck up. They would have probably called Fidel a “friend” as the US government has done in the past with some truly reprehensible dictators.

I think the root of the Cuban “problem” goes back to the United States stopping aid to Batista. This actually helped Castro come into power and allowed him to tell the US to go fuck themselves when he aligned with Russia. The truth is, the United States backed Batista because of the interests they had in Cuba at the time. Forty percent of the sugar in Cuba was owned by the United States and the American mafia was running all the casinos on the island. So, with all this backing from the Americans and the fact that Castro was still able to come to power makes me think that maybe Cuba was not the paradise that some would have us believe. If you look at the history of the beloved Batista and the hated Castro, the only big difference between them was that Batista was backed by the US. So Castro turned to the other superpower at the time, Russia. Maybe, just maybe, if the US would have hedged their bets and not taken a side Castro wouldn’t have become the pain in their ass he was until the day he died.

As Cuban people let’s be totally honest with each other for a second. We have two dictators. Both complete mother fuckers who murdered people for sport and completely denigrated our mother land. Under Batista, a lot of money came into Cuba. The problem was the way that mother fucker distributed it. Under Castro, everyone got free education and health care but there was a shortage on everything else, including food. And what good is a great education if you can’t make any money because you’re forced to live under a piece of shit communist dictator? So unless you were part of the elite under Batista, who sold their souls and countrymen for sugar, or in Castro’s inner circle, you were fucked. The truth is the Cuban people were betrayed by both of those mother fuckers. We can tell all the stories we want about the good old days before Castro but the fact is that those who were poor under Batista were also poor under Castro. They just had a lot more company. Batista gave a fuck you to everyone that didn’t help line his pockets. Castro’s fuck you was to everyone period. The poor under Batista were uneducated, had no access to decent health care, and had virtually no hope. Under Castro, even though they were oppressed, they got free health care, free education, and free housing. You couple that with the pointless embargo and Castro looks like a fucking savior to his people. I know this is hard for anyone outside of Cuba to understand, especially in the United States. We have all these rights that we take for granted. But if you’re living in the streets starving and sick and someone gives you a roof over your head and a stale piece of bread you’ll fight to the death for that motherfucker. So when you really think about it all, the Castro haters that have kept this embargo in place are really to blame for the current state of affairs. All because of some half true stories their fathers and grandfathers told them. They have managed to irreparably hurt a nation that they claim to love while making a tyrant motherfucker stronger by letting him make bullshit speeches blaming anything and everything wrong in Cuba on the US led embargo.

Without the pointless embargo Castro wouldn’t have had anyone else to blame and the Cuban people would have woken up and realized the truth. And the truth is that communism and shit are the exact same thing. It’s extremely frustrating that in the United States we have so many educated people of Cuban descent in positions of power and not one of them has figured out that this embargo helps not hurts the Castro regime. Has their anger made them fucking stupid? Unless a lot of people have been lying to me, my understanding is that there were just as many, if not more, starving people under Batista as there is under Castro. As much as I hate communism, I understand how most of the people in Cuba came to believe everything Fidel told them. Most of them had nothing. And under the Castros (as bad as they were) they had something. And something is always better than nothing. I am in no way, shape, or form, endorsing communism. But when your back is against the wall with nowhere to go, you do what you have to do to survive.

The people of Cuba are literally starving under this embargo. If it was lifted, we could shine a light on the atrocities that are being committed by these communist dogs in the name of the “revolution.” I implore Rubio, Cruz, and all other Cuban Americans with a voice to speak up. I understand that the hatred you have ingrained in you has prevented you from being free thinkers. The embargo doesn’t fucking work. Let’s try something else. I know your Cuban stubbornness won’t let you go to Cuba while Communists rule but at least watch the documentary, “Patria o Muerte.” If you have a soul and feel anything for Cuba, it will break your heart like it did mine. That is, if all of your rhetoric is not just political bullshit. Maybe we can come up with a better solution than a 50-year-old embargo that did nothing except starve the people of Cuba and assure the Castro regime’s stronghold. Without the embargo the people of Cuba would be able to get more information from the outside world and see for themselves what’s really going on. That not everything is what they’ve been told. I don’t understand how Cuba can be vilified and ostracized but we trade openly with countries like China and Saudi Arabia whose human rights violations are lengthy and documented. I need Cuban Americans to wake up and get their heads out of their asses before it’s too late. You can sit on this side of the water and blame Castro all you want. But I blame you too. You know who you are — the Cuban exiles screaming and demanding that we continue this genocide against our own people. I also blame the American politicians that allow these idiots’ voices to carry so much weight. The hypocrisy must end. Cuba’s current situation can’t only be blamed on Castro. Batista and all of those who crossed the waters without ever looking back share the blame as well. The next generation of those people are carrying the hate and perpetuating half-truths. But you are only hating yourselves. If you people really care, do something. Take some kind of action instead of continuing this destructive, useless embargo. Forget about politics and stand up for what’s right. It’s time to stop all the rhetoric and show the Cuban pride I know you all have in you. VIVA CUBA CARAJO!!!!


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