Copenhagen Good Food Tour

A map of awesome food in CPH.

Copenhagen is a great place for food: They really care about good food using organic, fresh ingredients. The Danish government has been certifying that restaurants use organic ingredients since 1987.

But it’s not only about using all-organic ingredients; their approach to cooking is a creative mix of new cuisine with all-time dishes that will blow your mind and won’t leave you hungry.

Look for this logo whenever you’re in CPH for certified organic food.

It’s an expensive city too, so be aware. But if you believe there are things in life that can’t be put a price tag on, you will find this map useful. Btw, did you know the best restaurant in the world is at ol’ København?

Save this to your Google Maps and look for these symbols when you feel hungry.

Copenhagen Good Food Tour Map

Here are the places that I’ve enjoyed the most. What places did you like best? Let me know in the comments .

Pastry is just mind-blowing delicious in Denmark.

If you’re into sweet breakfasts, drop by Meyers Bageri. There are plenty around the whole city. Get whatever is on sale that day, though I recommend getting a Terbirke or a Choco Scone. With the daily sale you might actually get some good prices. To wash it all down get the cocoa-milk: homemade, organic, no sugar added.

If you’re more of a salty breakfast kind of person, don’t hesitate and go to Møller. It can get expensive but you’ll see why they won CPH’s Best Breakfast on 2015.

Brunch at Møller (left) and a Terbirke from Meyers Bageri (right).

If you could go only to one place for lunch, it would be without a doubt the Copenhagen Street Food in Christianshavn, across the canal. Gourmet Hot Dogs, the typical smørrebrød, Duck fat fries (yes, fries fried in duck fat), and even real Mexican tacos (trust me) …all with a large glass of the local lager, organic, of course.

Lunch for one with beer goes for approx 130 DKK ≈ 15 £≈ €18 ≈ $18.50

At Fedtegreven, where I enjoyed a candlelit dinner watching the snow falling outside that made me forget how tired I was. The beers helped too, but if you find yourself in CPH during a cold day (not hard) hygge places such as this one will restore you back to life.

Remember that dinner here happens before 9pm. Confirm opening hours online before choosing a place to go.

You will see plenty of hot dog stands around the city. In the map you can find a list that includes some of the best hot dogs around the whole city. Options for vegans and gourmets as well. Go to the one closest to you.

Here you can also find a good post with other great hot dogs.

Typical CPH hot dog. You can see the Danish Organic logo in the paper.

I really enjoyed drinking …well, everywhere!! (oops) But if you enjoy craft beer, there are 2 places where you must order your favorite brew on tap: the Mikkeller Bar and the Warpigs Brewpub. They’re close to each other so you can just go ahead and crawl from one to another.

If you’re into liquor, the cocktails at Ruby will make your heart feel warm and your wallet feel empty, but we already talked about that, right? ;)

Keep in mind that lunch time is between 12 and 2pm, though some places open their kitchen until 4pm. Dinner is from 6pm to 8–9pm.

Enjoy the food and the beautiful city!!

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