shitty essay

Alfonso Zapata

This is a shitty essay.

I’m not saying that to lower your expectations in hopes of you liking it more or anything. I’m being completely honest. This is a shitty essay. Bad quality. Not good. Shitty.

And it’s a shitty essay for several reasons. It’s the first essay of my goal to write an essay a week. I haven’t had time to focus on it because I’ve been dealing with a toddler sick with some gastrointestinal bug (while a baby is cute, baby diarrhea is not). We’ve been without running water at our place for a week. And I haven’t written in a while so I’m a little rusty.

I started stressing about this when I realized I wouldn’t have much time to write due to the water situation. I didn’t want to start this goal on the wrong foot. This first essay had to be good, had to be strong, had to get me a book deal.

But that’s not true.

I’m putting all this pressure on myself to the point it becomes paralyzing. Everything I write feels terrible. I hate myself and I am a failure. And then writing becomes unfun. It becomes a chore.

I’m doing this to get back into writing, to have fun writing stuff I want to write. And if people are into it, cool. And if they aren’t, that’s cool too. There’s a ton of other shit on Medium for people to read.

This is a shorter essay than I planned, but that’s ok because it’s a shitty essay. This is the first essay. The goal of this particular essay is to just get it out of the way. I have written. It is an essay. It is done. And yes, it is shitty, but a crappy pizza is still a pizza.

That’s all for now.

Since apparently I caught whatever stomach bug my son has because I wrote this entire thing while sitting on the toilet.

Alfonso Zapata

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I once ate two and a half Chipotle burritos. In one sitting.

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