Changing the image

I am a classical singer.

For long time I have been unaware that what I was carrying inside was a wonderful, magnificent instrument capable of expressing the untamed power of my explosive spirit.

It took me 30 years and a handful of favorable life events to have that important mental switch that broadened the limited image I had of myself.

Changing the image that you have of yourself is the first unavoidable step to experimentation. For any new thing that you are trying (perhaps a new hobby, a new habit, or even a more radical career change entailing a more complex personal reinvention) getting over the “impostor syndrome” is critical to set you on a good path.

However — and that is the hardest part — for some extended period of time you will have to tell yourself a good “lie” and reinforce it day by day, by taking systematic actions that are consistent with that lie.

Repetition will lead to belief: at some point you will be so convinced of your new image that your body language will express automatically that belief.

Why is it that important to give yourself permission, to experiment, and to broaden the number of “You”s that you have in yourself?

I believe it’s important because it lets us make a very deep experience of what a mystery we are and sets us in motion to discover the unspoken motivations that drive our choices.

Playing with “faked selves” is an exercise of hope and imagination.