How does the Wish online store promote its products?

WISH is a relatively new concept for global shopping using a mobile phone directly from the manufacturer. This has many obvious advantages mainly prices but the company has not resolved the issue of fast shipping for the purchased items which makes returning defective items a headache. Giant Amazon has a similar shipping problem outside of the US specially on quoting shipping prices from different countries.

WISH promotes its service mainly by online advertising and a mobile app. It is worth noting that Wish is a marketplace and its vast majority of sellers are in China or other Asian countries, however, sellers in other nations can also list on Wish. Negative reviews are very frequently the result of slow shipping and the total landed cost of purchased merchandise.

Wish claims that:

  • It will show your products to over 32 million consumers in the United States and Europe and there are no fees unless a sale is made.
  • It works on a revenue sharing model. We get paid when you do. You will not be charged until you make your first sale.
  • It is an effective mobile commerce as hundreds of thousands of consumers spend thirty minutes browsing products on Wish every day. Sell products directly to consumers on their mobile devices.
  • It can reach relevant consumers on their demographics, purchase behavior, and wish lists.

The Wish App took off in late 2015 and there are still many users in 2017. The Wish app connects mobile users to the Wish website, where they can buy clothing, accessories, gadgets and more at steep discounts. The biggest problem with the business model is “shipping that ranges from 11 days to 22 days for many items, as these items ship straight from China, which is why things are not arriving in two or three days like you get from Amazon and other retailers.”

One must keep in mind that a defective item it may take a few days to hear back from Wish’s customer support. One can see the shipping cost and estimated arrival for each item while shopping. Buying from different stores may need to cost various shipping charges. Moreover, some incredible looking deals are no longer as amazing when shipping is factored in.