Trump-Putin coterie

Is this election vital for the survival of democracy? The issues are beyond lower taxes, smaller government and abortion and more about power grabbing by any means. Imagine a world with a Trump-Putin-merger, both antagonist to the established order and seething with revenge — can this become the new world order or is just a repetition of historical cycle? As peoples the world over we generally struggle with the same characteristics dealing with abstract ideas, specially, how we define truths which are at best, only imperfect approximations of reality. If this whole of us is divided between misanthropists and philanthropists or how pessimists and optimists perceive the future, the baseline that emerges can be used for interpreting those repeating historical cycles.

Aleksandr Dugin, is the theorist and transmitter of the dark ideology and populism that Putin practices with the anti-freedom forces not only in Russia but the likes in Syria, Ukraine and other places where they slaughter those who oppose their ideology. Today, Dugin’s vision does not differ from the previously embraced hallucinations of world domination in the past. Different periods but same the recycled ideologies proposed by tyrants who joined hands to repel all freedom forces including western democracies. The method of persuasion has to be unforceful and convincing to prevent resistance and be accompanied by rhetoric with a simple message of light at the end of the tunnel. These charlatans of history have exploited the imperfections of societies through millennia by clamoring a rig system when in reality it is only the byproduct of imperfect social compacts where there are winners and losers. The dream of American has been to achieve justice for all and equal access to the resources of our society while making progress towards a “more perfect union”. Dysfunctional governance resulting from competing ideologies can only provide a proportional contentment while trying to succeed in having more winners than losers otherwise; a con artist will emerge to take advantage of the dissatisfaction of the populace with the present social order. As more people feel marginalized for a variety of reasons it opens the door for opportunistic indoctrinators such as Dugin in Russia, Stephen Bannon in the U.S. , Nigel Farage in the UK, Jean-Marie Le Pen France, Holger Apfelr Germany, Rodrigo Duterte Philippines, and other nationalist radical and populist autocrats around the world trying to achieve the ultimate goal: Destruction of liberalism and its ideas. The current clique of brothers doesn’t differ much from past ism-guilds such as Leninism, Stalinism, Hitlerism, Muslimism, and Tojoism among others.

In this scenario, Trump is only a carnival barker saying what his handlers want him to say using his belligerent and psychotic personality to send a simplistic and rhetorical message to the masses. Historically, this method of mass manipulation has been very effective addressing grievances existing in any form of society. Trump, with his unique bombastic style and omnipotence promises to fix everything and right every wrong with the existing order makes, in his own view, a God sent figure. The underlying scheme of Trump’s rhetoric is the amalgamation of all complaints repackaged into a homogenous dissatisfaction index which he then use to lash out the fears of xenophobia, racial and ethnic differences, economic disparity, religious diversity, cultural entitlements or just plain hate of “otherness” and illegitimate governance which will inevitably lead to mob rule. That is what Trump is achieving with his playful acts of craziness which is in itself crazy and dangerous. Unfortunately, once Trump completes his assignment the master puppeteers like Bannon among others will come out of the cracks to take over the new reign of power. Unfortunately, once the transfer of power is completed they will suppress the very freedoms that allowed them to become the new order but it will be too late to withdraw a cast ballot as in a la Brexit mode.

In conclusion, what is at stake in this election is the risk of losing all the progress our society has made since the revolution and compromise the very freedom that allows us to keep making progress.

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