Trump’s challenge to Aristotle

About 350 BC Aristotle stated in his philosophy that “The whole is greater than the sum of its parts.”

In the past century R. Buckminster Fuller coined the term Synergetics, (from the Greek synergos) “working together “a dynamic system in which collective action is favored over the difference of individual actions.

But now, with his negative Synergy Trump is only repeating history by staging a coup on the Republican Party with the goal of a coup on the country.

Mr. Bloomberg, as an independent voter and former republican said it best when he urged the country to vote for a “sane person”.

Recently, Trump, appeared on national television to say that he had the best temperament ever from any previous contender to the White House because he is a “winner”. Apparently, this moronic dictator wannabe does not know the meaning of the word temperament.

Trump and Boris Johnson in the UK belong in the same corn field to scare the crows and won’t even have to worry about getting a straw hat for their hairdos befit the job.