An interview with Marcus Eriksen from the 5 Gyres Institute

Photo courtesy of Jody Lemmon — 5 Gyres Institute

One of the greatest environmental problems of our era is the pollution of the sea. A huge part of this is due to plastic floating in the sea, causing the so-called “Garbage Patches”, five huge gyres of marine debris which can be found in the heart of the oceans.

As the major hot desert in the world, Sahara represents one of the most important examples of how climate on Earth changed during the latest thousands of years, and how these changes could go on in the future.

Covering the greatest part of North Africa, with over 9 square kilometers of extension, moving from the western Atlantic coasts to the Red Sea on the East, this vast formation could be the key to some new climatic systems which are thought to appear in the few decades. This could also bring huge social problems in the nations involved.

Could looking at…

Alfonso Lucifredi

Science writer and journalist, naturalist, musician, author of Science workshops and exhibitions, novelist, blogger and photographer.

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