Love is a lie?

Love is insanity. We have all fallen victim to our conceited ideals and are currently being punished by imagination. And consistently failing to recognize what is fake. Expressions of love may be real, but love in itself no longer exists.

The majority of us believe we are better than we actually are and are casualties of rose colored glasses. We cling to people who reinforce our vanity and constantly look for reassurance of the things we already know.

If you don’t see yourself as attractive, but recognize yourself as intelligent, you are more likely to warm towards a person calling you smart. We control who and what we are attracted to and force them to live up to our standards. “He doesn’t know what refutation means but doesitlooklikehewasleftofbadnbouji.”

This failure to recognize that our lover never actually existed can lead to real heartbreak. Denial of reality, despite factual evidence, makes us long for the make belief even more. Hence the popularity of — social media — we are connecting to our unchallenged ideas of perfection.

Love is an emotion, as is happiness. People are falling in and out of love at a higher rate, why? Because you can fall in love with someone you have never met, and I’m not talking catfishes here. Thoughts are edited into concise tweets, faces are beautified through filtered pictures, and lives are amplified through selective previews. You’re already in “love” with Mr. Perfect, and your fragile heart is already invested long before reality shows up. But there’s no breaking up now, it takes two to entertain your YouTube subs.

“That’s only on social media” you say? HA! Walk with me my friend. For years women have been addicted to the idea of dependent relationships with men. However, we’re at a stage where women are no longer confined to the chores of femininity. Gender roles have been (and are still being addressed) and chains of sexuality challenged. Love no longer benefits the man as it once did. A woman is much more than a cook, cleaner and childminder. However, women are still clinging on to men that desire to remain uncommitted, not because of love, but because there’s an apparent “expiry date” for beauty and an actual one for child birth. The ideal situation for many is to get married, have children and live happily ever after — even though 40% — 50% of marriages end in divorce. Social constructs still confines a woman to the walls of marriage despite it not being in their favor: 22% of men admitted to cheating in a marriage and 74% admitted that they would cheat if they would never get caught. Women aspire to be in an unfavorable contract, whilst consistently told to tolerate and forgive. How oppressive. But then again, I still went to watch ‘All Eyez On Me’ despite the warnings that the film didn’t meet expectations because, you know, this time it will be different.

Love nowadays is a business merger. The aim is to expand each others reach. The foundations love was built on have now crumbled: Trust, commitment, loyalty, transparency etc. We are no longer traditional beings, so why are we still tied to such values? A lie is a lot more affordable than a reality check. Yesterdays qualities have now been replaced by glossy profiles and a false sense of security. If external factors such as age, finances, race, and religion determine who and when you love, then you are more susceptible to the beautiful lies of love. Good luck.

In order to truly love, one must live in reality; Love you; be honest with yourself and be free with yourself. Work towards being the person you’ve been pretending to be: Read more books, work out, look after your skin and adventure. Be so comfortable in your own skin that the thought of being alone forever doesn’t scare you. A true reflection of you will always show, when you open your eyes and love what’s in the mirror. You can’t outrun a lie.