Product Hunt: “Remind” Review

This week’s review landed on an app that some of my classmates have been using in and out of school. Remind is a student-teacher communication application that becomes extremely useful for online academic courses. I take a philosophy class online, and this app makes communication with our teacher extremely easy.

Our teacher can send us notifications about activities, homework or quizzes at any moment. You can be in a private chat, or in a group chat. In the app you just have to add a course group, and then you can keep track of what is happening in online classes. It’s free, really easy to use and very useful.

More than 20% of teachers in U.S are using this app to make a very communicative and integrating course. If you are a teacher, I personally recommend it, makes life and work easy. It’s available in iOS and Android devices.

Here is a link to the oficial website: