What does my voice look like?


I’m a person who lives inside his mind. Call it madman, poet, artist or philosopher; I’m just a creative person. Sometimes I like to imagine that my thoughts are like certain song fragments. Imagine my voice sounds like the calm and deep noice of a bass string, or the top left keys of a piano. Yet think that my ideas are like the guitar rift from the song “Ventura Highway” from America, or the keyboard solo from “Light my fire” by The Doors (You should listen to those songs, they are pretty cool). I personally use more my mind than my voice, I like to be a quiet person, only when I’m in situations were I could really let my imagination go, I talk, and talk loudly.

Now days, political and social matters are just a daily debate. Racist orange president, corrupt government, violent brown skin terrorists, angry fake feminists, black people who think we live in 1800s, people who make new genders every day, Social Justice Warriors, etc. All this trends that just bring conflicts between humans, what will happen in our future? I personally don’t know, yet I prefer to be out of it.

Yes, out of it. Nor pro or con, just away from conflicts. Why? Because I personally think it’s a big waste of time. What’s the use of being angry? In what does it help? Being a constant pain on someone’s back doesn’t help anybody. I think we should just love each other, we all live in the same home we call Earth. One of the main aspects of my colorful yet quiet personality is this one, I don’t like to debate, I like to share and enjoy the only life I have. Yes, sounds really hippie-like opinion, but if you think of it, it’s a really joyful and calm lifestyle.