Have you asked yourself this question lately?

Who am I? — This is a question that I ask myself a lot.

To be honest, I didn’t really know who I was until 6 years ago when my grad school professor (The GOAT — Dr. Param Srikantia at Baldwin Wallace University in Berea, Ohio) gave an assignment where I had to write an “I AM” statement..something like a bio for myself.

My “I AM” statement has changed over the years. It’s one of those things that I reflect back on and update when there is a major change in my life, whether it be a new job, a career change, a new business endeavor, or even a change in my mentality.

So, I thought I would share my current “I AM” statements as a way to introduce myself to my readers on Medium.

I am the son of Alfred Wilson, II and Stephaine Talley.

I am Cleveland BRED and Columbus PAID.

I am an Unapologetic Black Man, who is a present day Black Panther.

I am in love with a Beautiful Natural-Haired Nubian Queen, who is affectionately known as HoneyBuns.

I am Socially Liberal and Financially Conservative.

I am a Catholic Educated Nerd of Non-Denominational Faith.

I am a MBA holder with TONS of Student Loan Debt.

I am on a journey to becoming DEBT FREE and having Financial Independence.

I am a Man of Frugality that enjoys clearance rack balling at Banana Republic.

I am striving to build a LASTING LEGACY for my future kids and their kids.

I am an Administrator in the Urban Education Sector.

I am a Basketball Coach in the Inner City of Columbus.

I am an Unemployed Motivational Speaker.

I am a believer in Life Experiences and Traveling to Exotic Places.

I am an old head that loves Old School R&B.

I am a fan of 60 Minutes, Dateline and The First48.

I am a future Author, Middle School Principal, and Real Estate Investor.

I am a collector of Motivational Quotes and Proverbs.

I am a reader of Self-Improvement and Informational Books.

I am a Strong Believer in the cliché saying, “KNOWLEDGE IS POWER.”

I am Alfred Duran Wilson, III.

So, the question is….What’s your “I AM” statement?

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