8 Things to Know About Oral Surgeons

Alfred Khallouf
Jun 21, 2016 · 2 min read

Oral and maxillofacial surgeons specialize in in treating numerous diseases, injuries, and defects in the head, neck, face, jaws, and the hard and soft tissues of the maxillofacial (jaws and face) and oral (mouth) region. This is a branch of dentistry and surgery that explores surgical treatment or repair, aiding those who are suffering from issues with their jaws or mouth, such as problematic or pathological conditions. Please look to following list to learn more about oral surgeons and the work that do.

  1. Union and Confederate dentists were experimenting with facial reconstruction on injured soldiers during the Civil War when oral surgery practices were first developed. That’s when they were first able successfully to perform oral surgery.
  2. Oral surgeons are able to remove benign tumors from a patient’s mouth and repair cleft palates, as well as perform root canals and tooth extractions. They also perform complicated facial reconstructions or other cosmetic surgeries, which can cost hundreds of thousands of dollars.
  3. Oral surgery can provide a normal life and prevention for serious complications to those with tumors or a cleft palate.
  4. You can reach out an oral surgeon if you needed a bridge or an implant.
  5. Oral surgeons are skilled, and they’re able to do jaw surgery to correct serious overbites that can’t be corrected by orthodontics. Also, they’ll be able to help relieve pain from a chronic jaw condition called Temporomandibular Joint disorder (TMJ).
  6. Oral surgeons can reconstruct your jaw or implant missing teeth if you’re injured badly in an accident.
  7. There are many oral surgeries and other dental specialties that overlap, and dentists can help you find a specialist you may need to handle your tooth issues.
  8. Oral surgery patients may be able to get procedures covered by using a combination of health insurance and dental insurance.

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