A Thank You Note To My Mommy, My Aunt and My Girlfriend

To my mommy, my aunt and my girlfriend,

During my National Service, I served in the Republic of Singapore Air Force 163 Squadron as a Ground Base Air Defence officer. As a squadron, we were involved in the 24/7 air defence operations to protect Singapore’s airspace. Our operations require us to work overnight and I was also involved in several exercises and squadron activities where I would choose to stay in the camp. That period was tough and I am very thankful for the support and understanding from you wonderful ladies in my life.

Mommy, thanks for being my source of motivation throughout my Air Force journey as I strived to do you proud! Being able to spending time with you and our family when I’m home was a huge motivation for me ☺

Aunt, often after my overnight duties, I would fall into deep sleep until dinner time. Thank you for always preparing the delicious home cooked dinner I wake up to and helping me wash my uniform when I’m too tired to! ☺

Ying Yan, due to the nature of my duties and that I often stayed in camp, I rarely had the time to spend with you. When I had the time, you would often encourage me to spend it with my family first. Your regular words of encouragement through messages and phone calls helped me a lot in getting through the tough times. Thank you! ☺


Last Saturday, I wrote the post, I Am An Air Force Officer. It was picked up by one of the administrators of The Republic of Singapore Air Force Facebook page. She mentioned that she intend to feature my post on their Facebook page and would like me to add a thank you note to the women in my life who have helped me through my Air Force journey.

Thinking back, I realised that I’ve not properly thank my mommy and aunt for their support and efforts during my National Service days. So I decided to take this chance to thank them.

If someone has helped you through a tough period in your life and you might have forgotten to properly thank them, it is never too late to drop them a note and thank them now ☺

This post first appeared on my personal blog.

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