Alfred Beiley
Jan 4, 2016 · 3 min read

Enterprise Mobile App Development — Moving to a New Higher Level!

The app market has certainly started buzzing with life since the advent of the smart-phone. Mobile app development all around the world is not limited to just standalone applications but is expanding to include enterprise level mobile application development as well. This trend can be witnessed around the globe as more and more developers are now targeting enterprises for mobile application development.

Mobile App Development

Thus, it can be said with a high level of certainty that enterprise apps are changing the face of business throughout the world. Such apps are known to increase parameters such as worker productivity, leveraging of big data as well as homing in on the efficiency of a range of business processes. While reading this article, it is essential for users to understand that enterprise apps are those which are used by those within an organization or are associated with an organization, as compared to apps that are intended for retail use and retail markets:

Today, many a app development company has commenced on developing enterprise apps and have shifted, at least partially, from building mobile apps for the retail markets. Research has shown that there are many reasons for enterprises having adopted mobile apps. In many cases, enterprises have commenced building apps themselves and have ceased to depend upon many an external mobile app development company. Some points below will explain the importance of enterprise apps:

  • At the outset, enterprise apps increase the overall productivity of the worker as well as corporate productivity. Besides, they empower corporate as well as field workers, who have adopted smart devices such as tablets and are in the process of changing the nature of corporate landscapes. With the help of enterprise big data and analytics, these enterprises are generating smarter apps than ever before.
  • Nowadays, enterprise apps are greatly assisting the growth of the entire businesses process spectrum and the productivity of their workers as well. Thus, employee mobility has become extremely essential for competitive businesses. Due to mobility, the result is in increased output as in sales, lesser amounts of inventory as well as few operational expenses.
  • Further more, field workers are empowered with the help of enterprise apps. When enterprises implement the use of smart devices, which include tablets, this gives workers the real time ability to provide first-hand information and data from the field back to the enterprise, where it is processed and utilized further.
  • When big data and analytics combine, the result is apps smarter than ever before. Here, big data allows enterprises to understand and deduce business intelligence so that they can keep themselves a step ahead of the competition. Such business intelligence gained from the fusion of analytics and big data presents a host of marketing opportunities to such enterprises and also provide insight into any un-skillfulness that needs to be addressed.


Now it is has become easy to sell apps to consumers and consumers have become used to purchasing apps, enterprises are overcoming their inertia and have started building enterprise apps. Hence, the big shift from mobile applications to enterprise app development is already happening!

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