Millennials: A NEW WAVE

Millennials (also known as Generation Y, Digital Natives and Generation Me) are very valuable beings too; with no precise dates for when this category of unique individuals begins and ends, demographers typically use the 1980s as starting birth years and the early 2000s as ending birth years.

Let me start this by stating the true characteristics of Millennials (all the ones I’ve had a pleasure to work with and against): Ambitious, Optimistic, Thinkers, Connected, Consumers, Social, Tech-Savvy and Global. Think of how special these traits are, and the opportunities they bring.

PSA to Baby Boomers & Generation X: Have faith to hire millennials in 2017. With more than 23 million small businesses nationwide and nearly 6.7 million young Americans out of school and out of work, small businesses are in a unique position to offer opportunities that help young people develop skills while also helping them enter the labor market.

Stop worrying about how to keep us engaged, how to control our emotions, or how to manage us — instead, have faith and give us the respect to grow as individuals; allow us to make mistakes, the power of experience. Employers that hire millennials and allow them to express their point of view in projects are ahead of the new age.

My advice to millennials in the workplace is to ‘practice thinking for yourself’, because your point of view is valuable, and if your point of view isn’t valued already, it soon will be.

Like other generations, millennials display certain traits that make them different from their predecessors.

More advice; To millennials, embrace these unique traits and use them to your advantage. To employers, embrace their unique traits and use them to your advantage.

I’ll use Gary Vaynerchuk as an example; a forty something year old business builder, CEO and investor in many tech companies. Gary surrounds himself with millennials on a daily basis, making them apart of his core team and business model — studying their trends and valuing their insights, he’s used this to his advantage in the digital media industry by allowing it to fuel the growth of his prolific company VaynerMedia.

I am moved by this topic — and many of my peers are as well. I co-founded a digital media agency 11 months ago, it’s brought me many opportunities at such a young age that I decided to expand the initial 2 man agency out to an open community of local creatives and digital influencers; We’re storytellers who create thoughtful strategies, campaigns & content for businesses, brands and people.

Moving forward I challenge other millennial entrepreneurs to carry out initiatives that serve a good purpose to society (initiatives that help change the course and path of our current society), and I also challenge millennial entrepreneurs to get the community of your industry involved and engaged at a young age, the Millennial Age.

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