Cost to Restringing a Bow

What is the Meaning of Restringing?

Restringing a compound bow means replacing the bow’s strings. This practice is a priority when maintaining the bow since it is what makes the shooting successful and exciting. Restringing is necessary even for the best quality bows because the strings depreciate with more use.

What is the actual Cost to Restring a Bow?

Different archery shops give different quotations for replacing bowstrings, and this solely depends on the cost of the string and labor. Below is more insight into these factors.



The labor cost for fixing the strings is very affordable, and as such, it is not necessary to put yourself through the ordeal of doing it yourself. DIY as lucrative and straightforward as it may look may end up damaging the bow or even causing injuries. At first, you can get the services of an experienced person, though this might cost you a little more. While he is working on it, you can be keen and learn, ask questions so that you can fix it by yourself the next time. The reason why this factor is crucial is that you can invest in the best quality of strings, but if they are wrongly fitted, the bow will not work well.

Materials Needed to Restring a Bow

  • Appropriate strings preferably made from linen or hemp fiber
  • The bow
  • Allen Wrench
  • Bow press if you are not using your hands

The Steps Involved in Restringing a Bow

Here are the main instructions you can follow when changing the strings of your bow.

Step 1

Prepare your bow for restringing by identifying the string loop at the top, and pushing it down. This process should be repeated with the bottom loop. This step is aimed at ensuring the string’s grooves are visible.

Step 2

The second step involves adding the bow stringer from the top groove and putting the bow stringer’s notch at the backside of the string loop. You should then place the cavity of the stringer over the tip of the bottom limb. The edge of the cavity should be enclosed such that the tip of the bow is well secured.

Step 3

In this step, you will need to step on the bow stringer with both of your feet to enable you to string the bow. You should grasp the bow and pull it up such that the limbs are flexed. The bow’s groove will support the height of the drawn bow, and you will be able to insert the top string loop into position.

Step 4

The final step is removing the stringer and testing to ensure everything is tightly secured in its right place. From here, your bow is ready to use.

Alternative Methods

While you are advised to take your bow to a skilled person for restringing, you can decide to do it by yourself. You can use homemade strings, ensure they are made from the right material. This can be a much cheaper option compared to buying from an archery store. The quality can, however, not be as good as the ready-made ones, hence leaving you at crossroads to decide between quality and cost.

How to Maintain your Bow

By now, you know how to replace the bow’s strings, or where to outsource the service affordably. The next step is to know how to maintain both the bow and the strings. Here is what you need to do:


If you intend to enjoy the bow-hunting experience, you should ensure the bow is correctly maintained by inspecting the strings regularly. By doing this, you will know when the string needs to be changed and plan for the restringing appropriately. If the strings are well maintained, they will remain tight and be able to stretch well enough for the best shooting experience. The restringing process is very affordable yet indispensable in the hunting sport.



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