“If i were blind since birth, how will you describe to me the color red?”

If I were to explain to you what the color red is. It would be every climax of your unfinished story.

A single moment of fulfillment in a period of perserverance.

The heavy feeling you get in your chest. when you’re willing to go to the moon and back for a person, but underneath the positivity and hope, you already know, you wont have them back.

That state of grace, wrapped in your lover’s arms when you two spend your cold nights together, drinking coffee by the porch with the stars being the only audience of your uncertain love story.

It’s when you cant stand the sight of yourself in the mirror, knowing that the person you’re looking at. is everything you’ve never wanted to be.

Red is a roller coaster of emotions, painted on the canvas of your life,to see it is to feel pain, express anger and experience joy.

“ It’s about being human, It’s about being alive “
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