Getting To Know the Yacht Charter Fleet

People going on yacht tours for the first time may not know all that much about yachts. This content will give brief overviews of the different boats that a person can charter for their journey on the Adriatic Sea.

The world of yachts can be a bit hard to wrap your head around. There are hundreds of yacht manufactures, and countless different yacht types to keep up with. This can be confusing for people who want to book yacht tours. It also does not help that every yacht charter in Croatia can have a completely different fleet. So, to help would-be sailors make an informed decision, here is some brief info about all the various options in the yacht charter fleet.

Hanse 575 Luxury Yacht

This yacht from the German manufacturer Hanse is a medium sized luxury yacht. The Hanse 575 has a load of great features that make it a great choice for yacht tours to the Croatian coast. First off, the Hanse 575 is spacious — boasting five cabins and a deck that can comfortably accommodate more than five people at once. The Hanse makes it easy for a large family to sail the coast, taking in all the sights together. The steering system is smooth and easy, the navigation system is simple to understand and use and the rigging can be easily modified with a few button presses. This makes the Hanse an exceptionally user friendly yacht, which is suitable for both inexperienced and experienced sailors. The Hanse 575 is also stacked with amenities, like four toilets, a solarium that can function as a cockpit, and an adjustable platform at the back for easy access to the water. Overall, the Hanse 575 is a great addition to any yacht charter fleet, and it is no wonder that it is such a popular choice for yacht tours.

Beneteau Sense 55

This is another medium-sized luxury yacht from the French company Beneteau. The Sense 55 is a great yacht for parties, and much like the Hanse 575, the main draw of this yacht is comfort. It sports two twin cabins along with a captain’s cabin. The cockpit is wide open and can easily accommodate multiple people. A companionway lets passengers go into a saloon with just three easy steps. The yacht sails great, with a solidly made hull. The Beneteau Sense 55 keeps perfectly balanced under sail, allowing for surprisingly high speeds. Much like the Hanse 575, this yacht is another great choice for luxury yacht tours of the Croatian coast.

Hanse 445

Unlike the other two yachts, this one is not a luxury yacht but a racing yacht. The primary focus of the Hanse 445 is speed over comfort. That does not mean that the Hanse 445 is uncomfortable to sail in, but do not expect the luxury of the other two yachts earlier mentioned. Overall the yacht is great to use, with the steering system making it simple to keep control of the yacht at higher speeds. While it may not be the first choice for those wanting more leisurely yacht tours, the Hanse 445 still makes for a great sailing experience.

To learn more about Hanse 575 in Croatia, visit this website.