The Three Best Regions for Sailing Yachts on the Croatian Coast

The Croatian coastline is divided into diverse regions. In this content learn about the best three coastal regions that any enterprising sailor will want to check out.

Croatia is a beautiful country that straddles the Adriatic Sea. The coastline of Croatia is perfect for sailing yachts, and it is not surprising. The coast of Croatia is home to over 1000 stunning islands, only fifty of which are inhabited. In addition the coastline features an endless amount of beautiful reefs, anchorages, inlets, and cliff sides. With so many interesting locations to see and explore, it is pretty clear why veteran and amateur sailors alike are choosing to charter yachts in Croatia. Sailors planning on taking Croatian vacation tours should be aware of some of the different coastal regions they may want to visit while sailing yachts along the Croatian coast.

Dubrovnik Region

Dubrovnik is the southernmost region of Croatia. Anyone sailing yachts in this region will be able to take in a number of sights and locales. The highlight of this region is Dubrovnik city. The city is surrounded by beautiful medieval walls, and anyone willing to stop and walk through the city will be treated to splendid ancient churches. The city also has a number of great restaurants, hotels and parks to visit.

In addition, people who charter yachts in Croatia will be able to sail through Mljet National Park. The national park is home to beautiful lakes (Veliko and Malo), rolling hills, and lush green forests. All Croatian vacation tours should make an attempt to stop at Mljet National Park; it is a truly remarkable natural attraction.

Makarska Region

Tourists sailing yachts through the Makarska region will be able to visit the city of Makarska. Built along one of the oldest roads in Croatia, the city is one of Croatia’s lesser known cities, and is often skipped over on many Croatian vacation tours in favor of other famous cities like Split. The region boasts many natural attractions as well. Makarska region is home to numerous beaches, lush forests, and scenic bays; all this is overlooked by the impressive Biokovo Mountain that dominates the region.

Split Region

One of the most famous regions, anyone sailing yachts in Croatia along the Dalmatian coast will almost always make a stop at the city of Split. The city itself is home to numerous attractions and is full of things to do. You can visit the numerous ancient buildings in the city (including a renovated Roman palace). And when you are done with the city itself you can take in some of the natural attractions like Kornati National Park, the Plitvice lakes, and the islands of Hvar and Brac.