Preparing for Residential Relocation in Cold Weather

Alfred J. Stephens
Dec 28, 2016 · 3 min read
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Moving during chilled weather is a courageous task. You might be able to save a lot while relocating during cold weather but there are several challenges that you need to take into consideration. To name a few, extremely cold weather, icy and slippery roads, and instant need to maintain the new place to make it livable are the most concerning factors that you must deal with.

A few tips that would be helpful for you while moving during cold weather are worth mentioning in this short content.

Hiring movers

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While hiring movers to get help in relocation during winters, the deal making process has to be a bit different. The reason is that moving during chilled weather always seems like an unusual activity. To be better ready for this, you need to ensure that you and the ones who would help you in the process are on the same page.

The most common issue during winters, especially in the case when you are moving, is disruption in routine activity that is usually caused by sudden snowfall and high speed winds. Thus, you will need to discuss about the backup moving date with the movers if such thing happens on the moving day.

Furthermore, you will need to ask the movers to handle everything involved in moving. You might have to pay extra price in this regard but you will thank yourself for making this decision.

The prepping process

In case you are considering a DIY move, one of the main things that you need to be aware of is the situation of roads and routes. With that updated knowledge, it would be easier for you to make a quicker decision about the route that you would use while moving to the new place. As a general tip, make sure that the route you have selected mainly involves main roads instead of back-roads. Furthermore, get your vehicles serviced before the move, especially if you are required to cover a long distance to reach the new place.

Another major aspect of prepping is to get everything set up at the new place. Call utility services and fix a date for everything to be installed and operational in the new home before you move in.

The packing

While packing for a winter move, you surely have a few more things to take care of. You never know when the rain pours into the stuff you are moving and your households start their journey towards getting perished. Therefore, the first and foremost thing to be taken into the account is the waterproof packing. To get it done, make sure that the packaging or shipping supplies you are using are reliable and wouldn’t let the water to get in contact with the item wrapped inside. A few items that can help you in this regard mainly include plastic bags, plastic bins, water proof labels, bubble wrap and mattress bags.

It isn’t the items only that need to be secured while moving but you will also have to ensure the safety of your family members too. For this purpose, have adequate winter supplies like first-aid box, blankets and other edible items like snacks, dry fruits and water bottles.

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