To Become a Programmer via the Holberton School

My interest in programming began before I even knew what programming was. It started back when I was in the military, this is over ten years ago, and my Chief introduced me to MS Access. I fell in love with the software. I fell in love with the concept of relational databases, and how I was able to create forms that communicated to these databases, and how easy it was to query the data to get the results I desired.

Ultimately, I fell in love with the idea of automation. I like the idea of how a manual task could be codified and then reduced into steps that could complete a task in mere minutes as opposed to hours or even days. I’m all about saving time; I guess my motto would be work smarter not harder.

I want to become a software engineer so that I can make my life and the lives of others easier. And I believe automation via advanced algorithms, machine learning, or AI is the way.

I’m excited about Holberton’s project-based curriculum. It seems like it’ll be an engaging experience that’ll put you in the throes of what it is like to be a real developer. There’s no hand-holding here. This school promotes self-sufficiency, problem-solving, and teamwork. I like the idea that the school is interested in producing students who “know how to learn;” ultimately, setting us up for success in an industry that is both agile and forever evolving.

I would be remiss if I didn’t mention that they don’t have an upfront cost for admissions. Unlike many other programming schools, they seem genuinely interested in attracting a diverse group of people to this field. Additionally, The school is in the heart of Silicon Valley. What better place to learn than in the epicenter of where it all goes down.

Well, I’m not a student yet, but I think if I were, I’d be satisfied.

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