Not every logo becomes an icon.

Taking a look back at some of the logos we had a chance to work on.
The new McAfee logo was introduced when the company became independent and re-assumed its original name. Prior to that the company had been acquired by Intel and the name had been changed to Intel Security.


Nectar was formerly known as ETOPS — which stands for Extended-range Twin-engine Operational Performance Standards, a little known term in aviation. Management realized the name had little value, so they asked us to come up with a new one. We settled on Nectar because it was a reference to the valuable insights the company makes possible — and it offered great opportunities for a logo design.


Mission was born from the merger of Reliam, G2Tech and Stratalux. The company developed the name on their own, and asked Solid Branding to develop their brand identity.


Wave Computing changed its business to focus on Artificial Intelligence and wanted to signal that shift by introducing a completely revamped brand identity.


What began as a small family business in New York, is now Cushman & Wakefield — a global commercial real estate company with approximately 400 offices in 70 countries, employing 51,000 people.


When we started working with Speck they were just a small division of an industrial design firm. A few years later they had leveraged the success of their phone cases and became one of the most successful brands in the industry.


Maurice Outdoors is almost 100 years old, and their logo had not been updated for a few decades. We were asked to update the identity and modernize it. The result is a stylized “M” that has already been recognized with an ADDY award for logo design.


Velodyne has grown and evolved over time, and the logo has served the company well, but it needed to be refined and optimized. Sometimes minor changes can make a big difference.


Originally started as part of an established San Francisco brand, this unique coffee shop in Silicon Valley asked us to develop a new logo with a traditional Italian flavor.


More often than not, a logo for a company in this space would involve a visual that represents photos or memories. In this case we ended up taking a different approach — and focused instead on the emotional impact of the brand. And everyone seems to love it!





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Alfredo Muccino

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