5 Lessons Learned in Ops
Pete Shima

Great post Jerry. I liked all your points, specially number four (4. Safety through process, not police work). During my years on IT Security Department people would try to hide from us. They’d do anything to circumvent any type of procedure or police. It was very frustrating, specially after expending months of meetings, emails, and a lot of drafts reviews. Out intentions were good, we wanted to make the organization safer.

A few years after that, I started working as a SysAdmin but I had learned my lesson. To keep my servers safe and help my users (tech or not) I automated many task and included some safety checks. As you said, we need to build bridges, but this bridges must offer a better way of doing things: faster, safer, more visible.

If users feel that you are helping them and not just yourself, they will cooperate. They will become part of the process.

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