Olympic Gold Guilt
Danny Cerezo

Good Morning, Mr.Cerezo ! I just read your story and I have to say that the reason why you NEVER cried for USA Gold Medals but, cried An Ocean on Saturday for Monica Puig’s Triumph is simple, YOU ARE a 100 % PUERTORICAN !!! You carry Puerto Rican blood in your veins and even though,you born in New York and were raised by your Mom, who taught you ALL WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW TO FEEL PROUD OF YOUR ROOTS, you had A SECOND Blessing by knowing another woman (your wife) who even when She didn’t born in Puerto Rico, took you from your hands and show how to DISCOVER OUR PARADISE ISLAND. Is as Simple as this,LA SANGRE LLAMA! and NO matter where you born, Once You Visit Our Isla del Encanto, You would be ENCHANTED by that Shining Star of The Caribbean ! Bienvenido a casa, Mi hermano !