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Hello, dear reader! I’m so glad that you’re interested in learning how to develop with React. This process is often long and confusing. The aim of this article is to make this process as fun and straightforward as possible. As we all like to work in a lean way, this article will be a blend of links to already existing high-quality guides for you to follow.

You will learn (and re-learn) JavaScript & React development all the way from the basics to more advanced concepts. This guide is estimated to take about two-three weeks in total. When you go through…

This decision tree was extracted from a conversation with Daishi Kato; the creator and owner of react-native-dom-expo. This is my personal interpretation of his thoughts on the subject and I take full responsibility for any possible misinterpretations.

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Learn to identify use cases

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The shift into AI-powered businesses today could be as important as the digitalization of companies was 20 years ago. It’s an equally fascinating topic as it is hard to explain to someone in a clear and easy way.

My goal is that after reading this you’ll be able to have a clear understanding of how to identify use cases, as well as being able to explain it to your peers.

The one minute scoop

Machine learning is the ability for computers to learn without being explicitly programmed. …

Notes and takeaways

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While scrolling my Twitter feed I saw that Y Combinator promoted Reid Hoffman’s new book about something that was called Blitzscaling. I am a sucker for books with catchy titles so I immediately ordered the book.

Who should read this book and why? If you are an entrepreneur, investor or just interested in the subject — this book will give you a deep insight in the latest strategies and techniques about how to go from idea to start-up to scale-up and finally how to reach the top as a market leader.

Let’s go!

”Of all the things I’ve discussed with…

Alfred Ödling

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