Integrate RASA With Whatsapp

RASA is an opensource framework for building AI-powered chatbots. You can use RASA to create awesome bots for various channels such as Facebook, Telegram, Slack, etc.

After the announcement of Whatsapp Business API, everyone has been trying to find a way to integrate Rasa with Whatsapp and create engaging bots for the world’s most used messaging platform. When I was trying to do the same, there were no proper guidelines for doing the same and it was super hard to figure out an easy way to do this.

Somehow I managed to make it work using Twilio Whatsapp APIs. I’m going to share those steps in this blog.

Rasa - Whatsapp Bot in Action

I’m assuming you have a trained chatbot using Rasa. If not, go here

Step 1

Signup for a Twilio account here

Step 2

Create a project

Step 3

Enable Whatsapp sandbox under Programmable SMS

Step 4

Add Twilio channel to your RASA credentials.yml.

More info here

Step 5

Launch your rasa instance. You can use ngrok to get a public https URL for your bot instance. More info here

Your URL will look something like this

Step 6

Add your Rasa Twilio Webhook to Sandbox configuration

https://<YOUR ID>

Step 7

Finally follow the instruction here to join the WhatsApp sandbox from your mobile number

That's it! Now you have your RASA bot integrated with Whatsapp 😌 😍

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