Questions I’ve been asked in Namibia

It’s been a month. A month is crazies. Nothing tops the conversations though.

Like the time I submitted my passport to Immigration.

I’ve been told I’ve a very rich skin tone.

Or the very concerned customer service lady at the MTC office (MTC is a mobile network operator in Namibia. Like MTN, Vodafone, Tigo etc etc)

The bests are always about food.

Spending on imported fruits never made much sense when fresher,cheaper options were available

My favorite so far happened last week when I had my own WHAT?! moment. I learnt about how homosexuality is accepted and considered as culture amongt the Damara ethnic group.

The first month in Namibia has been everything I imagined. And more in some aspects. It’s been an over-whelming one month. Eagerly looking forward to this month and all the rest to follow.

I write on my experiences while volunteering in Namibia with AIESEC (amonst other things). If you enjoyed reading this, and want to experience this journey with me, kindly click the ❤ (and follow). Thanks!

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