You Aren’t What You Attract….

They say who you attract is a reflection of you. However, I’d like to focus on something different.

That is, paying attention to what YOU are attracted to. You can’t control who comes your way. However, you can control who you allow into your space. Who you get close to.

If you find yourself always with the “wrong person”, you have to ask yourself, “Why did I allow this individual in my space?” What is it about me that’s attracted to the?

This goes for friends or lovers. I kinda had to audit myself not too long ago. What am I doing and what kind of people will these actions lead me to?

You know, I don’t just avoid parties and drinking just because it’s healthier or ‘more productive’. I got to a point in my life where I had to really figure out how I am going to put myself in the position to meet the kind of people I want in my life.

Yea, for a time, I put myself at a disadvantage. Went through a period of “loneliness”. However, I’ve come to find that when you are shifting your life, the people you aspire to be around will start to show up. Why?

First, in your new state of mind, you are more aware of what you want in your life. You lose attraction to the people that don’t fit the description. I battled myself with this for a bit, wondering if I was being “judgmental”. But then I realized you don’t have to judge someone to see that your priorities don’t align.

Secondly, you start to make room for the people that you prefer. I call this making space in your life for what you want. As you spend less time and energy with negative influences, you create room to allow positive influences in.

So, I’d like to say, forget what you think you attract and start focusing on what you are attracted to.

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