Brand Legacy Series : Premiere

Every human in existence has to make interactions with diverse brands because everything he/she makes use of is a brand somewhat. The human in himself/herself is a brand even.

You can call a brand a name, a symbol, a sign, an identity or some other term which defines it but in summary, a brand is the desired product. In marketing, there’s obviously a difference between a brand and a product but for the purpose of all and ease of understanding, the brand is what you want to buy/use/sell (the product).

The brand legacy series has been borne out of a desire to enable both the expert and rookie in marketing, the learned and unlearned, the career professional and the businessman, the generality of people as a whole, have a grasp on branding as a marketing fundamental. There is, however, a bias for SMEs as these nuggets will help their growth.

Welcome to the Brand Legacy Series

It would be a weekly lesson on brand marketing essentials that would help whoever comes across it in a great way. Commencement date is 1st September 2017.

Like the word legacy means, these lessons would be instituted and help build business institutions; never fading away. They would guide generations and multiply successes.

It’s important to note I do not come as a maestro who knows all but as a practitioner who’s on a journey to mastership. So, comments, contributions, corrections (where necessary) and objections are very welcome.

Read, Learn, Explore, Query, Experiment, Act and Engrave!

Welcome to the Brand Legacy Series!

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