Working Under Pressure

I facilitated an in-house training at the office sometime last week; spoke on “Working Under Pressure” (as my middle name is same as the topic I guess — LOL + SMH), so I have thought to share excerpts from the session here. Please have a good read.

In the business environment, pressure is inevitable; you must face it at some point and for some of us, we face it on a daily basis as clients feel it is the default modus operandi cum modus vivendi of our sector. Pressure is basically the application of force; INTERNAL OR EXTERNAL, to deliver results under a specific area within a constraint of uncomfortable timing. It is very important to note that a lot of times the pressure from within is even more than that of the client (that’s for those that deal with external factors like clients, vendors, etc.).

Which are you when faced with pressure?

Working Under Pressure can be explained as — a situation that shows the possession of the qualities required to do something; showing the necessary skill, competence, or power to cope with a problem.

If understanding the intricacies of pressure must be achieved, then one must have a good grasp of the following terms as working under pressure revolves around them. Timeline — Time frame required for the delivery of a task; Deadline — The farthest possible time for a job delivery; Delivery — The completion of a task and handover to the recipient; Balance — State of maintenance of parity on all levels of interactions, engagements and relationships; Management — The optimal handling of all tasks and responsibilities under one’s purview; Over Pressure — The ability to turn an under pressure situation to a thriving one

The Conventional Pressure Matrix — Demand = Response [Assembly, Arrangement, Deployment] = Delivery.

The Unconventional Pressure Matrix — Demand = Response [Timeline Agreed, Timeline Exceeded, Deadline Agreed, Assembly, Arrangement, Deployment] **Relationship Management** = Delivery. Relationship management is very vital here because it is what keeps the situation from escalating, it is what makes expectations properly put in perspective, it is what maintains trust and respect; never take this for granted!

Ways to Work Under Pressure — Keep control of your emotions; if necessary, walk outside for five minutes. Evaluate situation and potential responses, and stay focused; responding right away might not be mission-critical. Be flexible; consider the best- and worst-case scenarios, and develop a plan to address both, if a plan isn’t in place already. Write down a to-do list of actions you can take, or delegate, to address the situation and when each action is completed, cross it off. Always remember every task has an end; “this too shall pass”. Drink lots of water; keeps you (re)hydrated.

Ways to Work Over Pressure — Take control of the situation; call the shots. Control the narrative; wade through on your own terms/processes. Be straightforward; put things in honest proper perspective to all parties involved. Stay humble; every resource needed to be won over should be on your side.

Pertinent Signs & Outcomes of Working under Pressure — Signs : Sleeplessness, Short temper, Difficulty concentrating, Lack of patience, Irregular feeding habit, Closing late regularly, Higher demand. Outcomes : Stress, Headaches/Illness, Strained relationships, Obesity/Emaciation, Errors, Focused leadership and delivery, Service/Financial progress.

In Conclusion, Pressure is an Enabler, Master It!

See you at the top!

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