Top 5 Android App Development Frameworks

Most developers understand that selecting the right framework to develop their app is a fairly large piece of the puzzle when it comes to ease and flexibility. Most developers seek a platform that will allow them to develop the best android app possible and provides the best possible UX. Currently, there are 5 frameworks that are considered the best for app development for a variety of different reasons.


PhoneGap is a noteworthy framework because it allows the developer to see changes as they are being made. Plus it is highly flexible because it is a cross-platform framework that supports HTML5, CSS and JavaScript development.

2.Appcelerator Titanium

This framework is large enough to support the development of native mobile code applications from a singular JavaScript code base. Appcelerator Titanium boasts 345,577,760 devices running Appcelerator-powered applications and delivers mobile test automation. This is more helpful than manual test automation because of the time sensitivity.

3.JQuery Mobile

This HTML5 framework allows developers to write one version of a code that will run on all devices. Another amazing benefit regarding this framework is the ability to run not only on different devices but also on different operating systems. Developers can download the stable version of the framework or use a custom download.


CoronaSDK uses an easily adaptable language called Lua for its framework. It is favored by game developers but can easily be used for other applications as well. This framework has over 500 APIs and a native UI support system. This framework allows an app to be built 10X faster because everything from animation to networking can be written with just a few lines of code.


This codeless interface makes use of HTML5 and is the fastest framework to develop. This framework can be instantly developed and directly submitted to Google Play. Perhaps this is why this interface is popular with many developers.

The Benefits of Android

Android is highly favored by many developers because of its ease and flexibility. Another plus is the fact that the applications that are developed using an Android platform can be used across many devices. When trying to decide on the best platform or framework to develop your app with, consider the language the framework will allow you to employ as well as the amount of flexibility you will have to develop the app. Developers understand that the framework they select for their app will determine things from the type of code that can be used to cross compatibility across mobile devices.

As a savvy app developer, choosing a framework that’s going to allow you to build the best app possible in the shortest amount of time is an attractive option, especially if the app performs well. Consider the language that you can use with the framework you are considering. There’s something for every app developer in these top 5 frameworks and most allow optimal flexibility across a variety of applications; from games to business apps.