Andela week 1 day 4 of Bootcamp

Usually, week one of bootcamp is 5 days long. Sadly, week one has to end today since tomorrow is a public holiday. The week has been very exciting, very challenging but most of all very insightful.

When there is teamwork and collaboration, wonderful things can be achieved. Standing ovation for my team the alphas. They say that talent wins games, but teamwork and intelligence win championships. And true to this, we’v been able to cross major milestone in our projects.

Team alpha is made of seven awesome individuals. That is Dennis Mwangi, Joy Chepkorir, Sylvance Mbaka, Maina Kihuyu, Pius Nganga, Collins Kimani and of course Alfie.

Dennis Mwangi our Learning Facilitator is the Guy. I mean, he is always ready to assist, give guideline and advice anytime we are stuck. The dedication and competence that he portrays is really encouraging.

Joy Too is the is only lady in the group. She is ever online, and ready to assist where possible. Am thankful for the times she has lend me a helping hand and for her useful tips. Her encouragement has proved invaluable throughout the week.

It takes two flints to make a fire. This I have come to understand because of this guy Sylvance. With his help I have been able to overcome major hurdles in my project. This is guy to talk to when you need material, when you don’t understand a concept, when you encounter errors. He has all the links, all you do is click on them and learn.

Its been a great week and as we come to the end of week one, I just want to thank my facilitator, my team and all of Andela for this wonderful opportunity. Great weekend ahead and remember be EPIC

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