Web Push notifications are content messages that are sent to a device by a web application or website. These Web Push notifications can only be sent to site visitors who have opted-in to receive such notifications from a particular website or web application. This opt-in for Web Push notifications usually occurs by a visitor visiting a site and being presented with a Web Push notification that asks if that visitor would like to receive updates from that website. If a user accepts or says yes, then that visitor subscribes to these updates.

On this tutorial, I am just going to…

Last year, when I was mentoring at a Startup Weekend, there was this team that wanted to create a service that would deploy drivers on-demand for people who would go out with their car but drank a little too much to drive back home — think of it as some sort of Valet Parking, but instead of parking your car, they would drive you home (with your car) — don’t judge the idea, this isn’t the point of the article, bear with me.

When I was thinking about different ways to validate their ideas before writing a single line of…

There’s a big chain of retail stores with presence across many Latin American countries that has this protocol of having someone greeting you whenever you enter or exit the store.

Every time you enter the store, you can either smile back or just pass her by — I hope you do the former option, but this isn’t the point. What I am trying to say, is that, this simple gesture has a real reason behind and is, indeed, a business reason.

In Mexico, there is a common saying that, everyone owes them money and they are well known for their…

For the past few weeks or so, I’ve been thinking about a chatbot interface to perform queries within the Mattermark API and how cool it would be for the many potential scenarios they have, such as deal sourcing, job hunting, sales prospecting, etcetera. Now, obviously, this post is merely hypothetical. Even though it might be possible, I don’t know if they, or anyone else, is actually building something like this.

A conversation with Marky

Let’s say you are an associate at a Venture Capital firm and you were given the task to perform a research on the companies who might get a series A…

México está listo para el inminente regreso triunfal del e-commerce al país. Publicar en Twitter (Se puede editar)

Federico Antoni, Managing Partner de ALLVP, escribió para TechCrunch un artículo sobre FinTech en Julio del 2016 en el que afirmaba que nada dice más acerca del creciente momentum del ecosistema de emprendimiento en México que el reciente crecimiento de FinTech.

Entre el gran éxito de FinTech, junto con otras industrias con mucho auge entre los emprendedores mexicanos, el E-Commerce se ha venido rezagando y, hasta cierto punto, ha estado olvidado por un largo tiempo. Las razones pueden ser muchas, pero la…

Don’t let your roadmap be defined by a soon-to-be customer

One common mistake I’ve been seeing on early stage startups is when they let customers drive product development. But don’t get me wrong, what I mean is that they tend to develop a feature or set of features just to be able to close one client.

This is a mistake I also made earlier in my career. When I was running Cloudadmin, I had a clear, well-defined product roadmap, however, every now and then, I used to fell for the trap of building a feature in order to close a new customer. I realized this when I came to a…

It was October 1st, 2013, the day I was set to speak on stage for 500 Startups’ demo day. It wasn’t just another school presentation. This time, it was something real, something that could define the future of my company. It. Was. It. I was scared shitless, I couldn’t even sleep the night before. But there I was, on the Four Points by Sheraton, in the heart of La Roma, in Mexico City.

I took the stage, started to speak, but as I was more concerned about not moving too much or not screwing it up at all, that’s exactly…

Build to launch. Juvasoft.com

Want to learn the process successful product managers follow to build high impact tech products? Get the white-paper today.

We love how many companies have created a trend by being so transparent about themselves, culture, methods, product roadmaps, and, some of them, even their salary. We decided to follow the path of those great companies such as Buffer, by releasing our very own product design process. This is a well thought, user-centric, system of thinking we’ve been using, evolving and polishing over the years and it basically combines decades of experience and best practices.

“If you build software on top of a broken process, in the end, you’ll have a broken software.” — Aaron Levie, CEO Box.net

Building a…

Building a new product is always an adventure, learn how to take the most out of that process.

Note: You can also download the complete guide in PDF.

Building a product is an adventure. You never know how much time, money and resources it will take and whether it’s going to be successful or not. We have good news for you. We’ve navigated those waters before. In fact, we love to do it that much, we even created a process to help us along the journey.

We love how many companies have created a trend by being so transparent about themselves, culture, methods, product roadmaps, and, some of them, even their salary. We decided to follow the path…

How to get other people to sell your product.

“if you think that just because they’ll make money by selling your product is enough, you’re deemed to fail.”

When we were creating the go-to-market strategy for Cloudadmin, it made a lot of sense to tap into accounting firms to be our de-facto channel — if it worked for Xero and Intuit, it should work for us, we figured. It turns out that accounting firms didn’t care too much about how their customers’ (our target market) handled their inventory and sales order management. …

Alfredo Juárez

I love the art of solving problems through the application of technology. I consult companies by building products at @juvasoft. #500Strong

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