Friday Estimate
Nicole Dieker

Longtime reader and lurker but first time commenting! I’m seriously considering going to Charlotte this weekend for the protests but am also sort of nervous and scared. It’s strange to consider my usual weekend spending and to think about…how much bail might cost and if I’ll have to dip into my emergency fund or health fund for any potential injuries. Usually my health fund is for doctor’s co-pays, fillings, and new glasses. And then it makes me wonder how people who don’t have access to healthcare or relatives who might help them out in a pinch make that kind of mental personal finance calculus vs. the calculated risks of standing up for what they believe in. I’m definitely coming from a privileged economic place. My partner jokingly (but also not entirely jokingly) told me they would help bail me out if it came down to it, but I’m planning to stay as peaceful as possible. So maybe some money spent this weekend for first aid supplies, earplugs, and something in case of tear gas?

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