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Kind time of the day for all readers of my blog! In this article I will introduce you to a very interesting platform that should surprise you and interest you.

Now a lot of people like to play computer games, but all new games, of course, are more developed for the previous ones, and more consuming. This affects graphics, physics and some other game settings. Because of this, most gamers can not afford to enjoy the game that they have been waiting for, because their personal computer is very weak and old for the games of the new generation. In such cases, a new PLAYKEY platform comes to rescue . With the help of it, anyone who has a good and stable Internet speed will be able to plunge into any chosen game and enjoy despite the characteristics of the computer. This platform can be used by any person, both child and adult, man or woman. The official site of the platform- . PLAYKEY ICO-

How will PLAYKEY work?

The PLAYKEY platform has been successfully operating since 2013, but despite this, the launch of the main ICO is scheduled for November 1. You ask, why ICO successful project, which had already been successful before? The whole point is in decentralization, thanks to which the platform will launch its ecosystem and its token. This will allow gamers to find on the exchange a suitable PC for themselves, to pay money and enjoy the game. And the other side, exposes the computer with its characteristics to the exchange, and this receives money. The payment will be reproduced in the PKT platform token.

Information about ICO and Pre-ICO

Pre-ICO was launched on September 26 and will run until October 25 this year. The basic ICO will begin on November 1 and will be active until November 30, 2017. 
The ICO collection is based on the personal token of the PKT platform. 
During Pre-ICO, the price of 1 PKT is 0.004 ETH, and at the stage of the main ICO, the price for 1 PKT will increase to 0.009 ETH. So you have to buy a token at a bargain price. The project goal for the ICO is 100,000,000 PKT.

Where will the charges be directed to the ICO

Possible stages of development of PLAYKEY based on ICO

Episode 1. Creating a decentralized cloud service on such platforms as: PC, Linux, Mac — using the PKT token and the platform of the miners. The platform will work in such regions as the USA, the Middle East, Europe and Africa. PLAYKEY will pass to this episode when the ICO will meet 10 million PKT.

Episode 2. The platform will work on the Andoid system, the main function of which will be a kind of messenger. For the transition to this episode, the project will need 25 million PKT.

Episode 3 . PLAYKEY will be available on Smart TV and iOS. The advantage of this episode is that it will be possible to decentralize work with game publishers. This step will cost 50 million PKT.

Episode 4. Well, the last step will give us the opportunity to use the platform on the game console PLAYKEY and in the “virtual reality” (VR). This step is naturally more expensive than all the previous ones — 75 million PKT.

Basic Service Architecture

Algorithm of actions for the gamer
Algorithm of action for miner

Pros Playkey

  • the ability to play any game on any video settings;
  • a decent level of service;
  • to access the service in any place where there is Internet;
  • buying game time, while not wasting time to install the game;
  • saving money;
  • more effective than altcoyn mining;
  • predictable income;
  • protection against potential risks.
Playkey attracts miners with good monetization of GPU capacities

The success of playkey is due primarily to the high and stable growth of the video game market worldwide.

Some information about the PKT token

Token can be used to buy game time or keys with which to receive games, but this will be already in time for the decentralized platform. Sell ​​PKT after the ICO will be available on the crypto exchange. Buy PKT after the end of ICO you can only in second-rate markets.

Honestly, I myself became interested in this project, I think I’ll go through the registration and try, how does this miracle platform work. Closed testing of the decentralized platform will begin in 2018. To apply, click here:

The PLAYKEY command

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