Everything Is Fine

Smile, for absolutely no reason. Delirious? Rapturous? Exuberant? All identical to what you sense. Seeing a double rainbow after an extremely harsh walk in a rainstorm. Finding a penny on the ground with Abe Lincoln copper print, faced up. People use to say it would bring good fortune.

A split second to perceive gratitude and lightheartedness is all we get. To react strongly and let people inside a barrier that has been built up, from those that have no animosity towards you.

Shatter the walls, that is what will be the most demeaning. Let them capture a glimpse of a green Christmas stealing saint, simper.

Laugh at the ludicrousness, when it appears. Be one with that minute, a hair of a second to be a mad hatter.

In good spirit life radiates, removing the darkest corners and shadows of negativity. Laughter is contagious and you own it, so it is all yours to spread it “as far as the light touches.” (Mufasa)

Friends that can bring out your true grin and chuckle, are good friends indeed. A Snapchat created and made funny from both companies, can bring great amusement to a heavily beaten heart.

Learn to grow with others, that want the best for you and provide assistance along the way. They will make your day and without a burden you will find great joy in assisting them as well.

Remarkable, unexchangeable, momentous triumph will be set in stone, as this pathway to happiness is placed.

The presence of joyfulness burst as a match lit in space, lasting longer and glowing a calm yet elegant blue vibrant color.

You are one with peace of mind.