Become a Youtube Star, Online Teacher, Video Journalist or Simply a Great Public Speaker with…

… Prof. Hornet — Autocue App — for iPhone and iPad. Your professional teleprompter.
Prof. Hornet — iPhone App

“I read a thing that actually says that speaking in front of a crowd is considered the number one fear of the average person. I found that amazing — number two was death! That means to the average person if you have to be at a funeral, you would rather be in the casket than doing the eulogy.” — Jerry Seinfeld

The fear of public speaking is the most common fear and prevents many people from achieving their potential. Imagine if you were comfortable speaking in public and took every opportunity presented, how would your life improve? Here you have a tool that may help you!

Great for Youtube videos, business and class presentations, keynote addresses, tv programs, wedding toasts… Used by vloggers, politicians, teachers, keynote speakers, singers, businessmen, broadcasters, students…

With thousands of downloads, Professor Hornet has been on the top ranks of the App Store in countries such as Netherlands, France, Great Britain, Croatia, Spain, Qatar, Belgium.. for years.

We’re always working on making the app better and we release new features and improvements frequently.

Stay tuned!

Free on the App Store:

Video Recording and Eye Contact

Use your iPhone or iPad as a Teleprompter & camera at the same time

Turn your device into a professional mobile studio by using the front-facing camera to record video while you read your script — The app can record videos of unlimited length.

Save your output video file on your device and share them with your audience.

Adjust the width of the script area. You will always be looking directly at the camera. Remember, Eye contact is very important to engage your audience.

Your Teleprompter — Your Configuration

Perfect to speak in front of your audience

Innovative features:

  • Create your own scripts or import them from other apps such as Google Drive, Email, Box..
  • Use the ‘Open with’ option that is available, for example, in iOS Mail apps.
  • Files accepted are: .txt, .rtf, .doc and .docx.
  • Custom font family: Arial, Times New Roman, Courier, Helvetica, Verdana and more.
  • Custom font size: 20, 30, 40, 50, 60, 70, 80, 90, 100, 110, 130 and 150px.
  • Custom font color: black, white and any RGB color.
  • Font weight: bold – light.
  • Highlight your keywords: underline, italic...
  • Text alignment.
  • Speed in words per minute – from 25 wpm to 300 wpm.
  • Mirror mode – Mirror text for use with teleprompter glass rigs.
  • Custom background color.
  • Autostart timer – countdown.
  • Custom video-view size.
  • Custom teleprompter guide.
  • Your script will automatically scroll closely to the camera, so it always looks like you’re looking directly at the lens.
  • Landscape and portrait mode.
  • Remote control app.
  •  Watch App.
  • Play/Pause your teleprompter from your headphones.
  • Add notes, comments, indexes or anything you need to remember during your speech.
  • Drag and drop elements in the player – move your notes, video-view and play-pause button.
  • Estimated remaining time and elapsed time on the screen (mm:ss).
  • Record yourself and save your videos to your camera roll (Video and audio recording).
  • Reading guide and line indicator to help keep your place.
  • Move up and down easily.
  • Configure the environment.
  • Share your scripts with your teammates and friends.
  • Customer support messaging system

Remote Control — Multipeer Connectivity

Control your teleprompter via Bluetooth or WiFi

Control your Autocue App from another iOS Device.

Place the iPhone or iPad with the teleprompter app wherever you want. Get comfortable and control your teleprompter from another iOS device: Play, pause, scroll up, scroll down, change the indicator, show or hide your notes, change to mirror mode, show or hide the video view, start or stop recording, control the scroll speed…

 Watch App

If you have an Apple Watch you can also control the teleprompter from your wrist: Change to the next/prev script, play, pause, change the speed, take a photo or start recording your video.

Nervous About Forgetting Your Speech?

Deliver that speech like a professional speaker

Import .doc .docx .rtf or .txt files and the app will convert them automatically into scripts. Use cloud services such as Dropbox, Gmail, Box, Google Drive..

Public speaking will never be the same again!

Set your iPad or iPhone in front of you and let it scroll through your speech.

For Any Purpose

Prof. Hornet — iPad App
“Prof. Hornet — Autocue App is a versatile and feature rich teleprompter application for iPhone and iPad.”
“It is an intuitive application designed for industry professionals, students, businessmen, singers, reporters, broadcasters..”
“It’s the perfect tool for presenting your video tutorials, radio programs, TV shows, class lectures, keynote addresses, Youtube videos, wedding toasts, business presentations..”
Professor Hornet — Autocue App Team

Available on the App Store

Prof. Hornet — Free

Prof. Hornet — Pro Autocue with video recording — $8.99

Prof. Hornet — Easy Autocue — $4.99

Remote Control — Free

Even with Stickers!