Announcement! Upgrading AlgoRai Finance’s Vaults!

AlgoRai Finance
2 min readOct 17, 2022

AlgoRai Finance will be updating its vaults to version 1.1 for the next round starting October 21st.

In our efforts to bring the best product to you, we have paused pending deposits this week until Friday’s current round settles at UCT 08:00, SGT 16:00 for a product upgrade and to prepare for new vaults next week!

  • What we are doing: New security features around withdrawals, and New DOV’s! Starting next week, the 28th of October we are deploying new vaults in goETH and goBTC, in addition to the existing ones in ALGO!
  • Why we are doing it: Our mission is to continually improve our product and bring you the best DOV’s in DeFi. A new security enhancement furthers the robustness, reliability and safety of AlgoRai’s vaults, and brings new DOV’s creating more flexible risk solutions.
  • What this means to you and what you need to do: Updating the vaults will require existing depositors to migrate deposits to the new vaults after the current round matures this Friday as we will not run rounds on the existing vaults. You will need to request withdrawal from the current ALGO call and put vaults, and then initiate a new deposit into their replacements.

Rest assured, your funds are safe! If you do not roll them over Friday, you can withdraw them anytime in the future!

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Your Leader in Algorand DeFi Structured Products! We are a group of highly experienced, talented and dedicated professionals with one mission to create value for you, with secure DOVs helping your assets grow over time. AlgoRai creates robust and transparent DeFi structured products on Algorand’s ecosystem. We provide users with a means to separate and harvest inherent volatility on their underlying assets through our products. We currently offer option vault strategies for BTC, ETH, and ALGO. We are looking to implement new developments in the future. Follow us on our socials to stay updated!

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