algoreg goes to the Silicon Valley

Because our trip to Berlin for the FinTech Europe program last month wasn’t enough, we were also chosen to participate in the #StartupLUgoesUS program organized by LuxInnovation, Bootstrap Labs and the Luxembourg Trade & Investment Office.

Five Luxembourgish companies had the opportunity to be part of this very exclusive program in… California!

Emilie Petin (Chief Product Officer) and Gaetan Bertrand (Sales Executive) had the opportunity to attend a unique program hosted by BootstrapLabs. The summer camp program gave them the chance to meet and greet some of Silicon Valley’s most influential mentors in the AI industry.

The other companies who took part in this program were:





This was truly a one of a kind experience and all participants had the chance to understand the Silicon Valley mindset and what makes this particular region so successful in the technology world. That’s why having feedback from local entities was truly helpful in terms of how to accelerate our global development and enhance our strategy.

Additionally, we managed to create several synergies between us, Luxembourgish companies, and to gather useful contacts and key influential persons in the Silicon Valley.

Sure thing is, the jetlag was difficult to manage but it was totally worth it.

This week of workshop was a great opportunity for us to measure ouselves on the SV benchmark. We were able to obtain relevant feedback on our products and as well to develop key contacts in the area.

Emilie Petin — Chief Product Officer