algoreg reveals new product names (and meet Emilie, our Chief Product Officer)

What would awesome products be without a great brand new name?

For the last months, we wanted something great, something unique where we could identify ourselves into our vision and project. We brainstormed and came up with a new set of product names. We needed ​to reflect our products and our mindset​ to the public​

Still, this process is not easy and requires a lot of time, imagination, unsuccessful attempts and a bit of craziness.

Meet Emilie, she’s the Chief Product Officer at algoreg

Jérémy (left) our Chief Technology Officer and Emilie (right) our Chief Product Officer

Q: Hi Emilie, could you please tell us a bit more about yourself?

After getting my master’s degree at IESEG school of management in Lille, I started my career directly in Luxembourg at PwC, where I was an advisor in system & process assurance. I quickly specialized in AML audits and after a few years, went to work for PayPal where I was leading the compliance testing program for the EMEA region. It was during that time that I further developed my expertise by getting the ALCO and ACAMS certification. More recently I joined eBay to implement a compliance testing and monitoring program. When the Algoreg team came to me to explain the vision they had for their products, I immediately saw the value added and how my expertise could help bring this vision to life by developing highly performant and innovative tools to bring more automation to the KYC and AML controls. I decided to join the adventure and I am very happy to say that the products are living up to the vision, with more to come…

Q: You just joined algoreg. What were the main drivers that hooked you at this company?

Algoreg is a young and dynamic company that has already achieved so much in so little time. I was happy to join the team to drive the product function and bring my ‘business’ insight to the technological aspects of our offer.

I really feel that we can bring the market’s KYC controls to the next level with this suite of solutions.

Q: Can you briefly introduce us to your solutions?

We provide a suite of SaaS solutions that automate and optimize the KYC program.

go!vid is a fully automated video on-boarding tool. It enables companies to automate KYC controls through a video-bot speaking and understanding over 100 languages that also reads and verifies identity documents, performs face matching and executes live watchlist checks . This drastically decreases the on-boarding time as all checks are performed automatically and within seconds.

go!pic is our photo on-boarding tool that enables a quick identity verification through automated verification of identity documents and face matching.

go!scan is a watchlist screening tool that allows a high level of customization of screening rules and supports high volumes of records. It is meant to be extremely easy to use and can be implemented very easily.

go!score is a customer scoring tool that allows companies to generate a risk profile of their all their customers based on fully customizable algorithms to reflect their internal risk-based approach.

These tools are interoperable but can also be used separately. It enables our customers to maximize the efficiency of their KYC processes and reduce the churn rate in their acquisition process.

Q: There’s a lot of noise and competition around KYC and compliance lately, could you tell us why your products are unique?

Our products are based on the latest technology and we are always on the look-out to bring additional innovations to our product offering. The fully automated video on-boarding product, Go!Vid, is a real disruptor on the KYC product market. In order to achieve this level of innovation with rely on different aspects such as machine learning for instance.

Q: When you decided all together to change the names of the products, what was the most important thing that you wanted personally to add in the brainstorming?

To me, the name of our products should be a direct representation of the product vision, to quickly grasp the product’s purpose and value-added. It should be easy to say and memorize.

With the keyword “Go!” it clearly reflects rapidity, energy and the will to achieve something efficiently.