Dreamforce 2015

Inspiration. Imagination. Innovation.

Ceremonial Opening:

Dreamforce is right around the corner and thousands of eager attendees have already reserved their spots. The attendees includes first-timers to experienced veterans. Dreamforce is set to bring best of best for sales and marketing, IT and beyond. It brings in store for its attendees lot of education, networking, fun, innovation and giving back. It is not just a Salesforce event rather it’s beyond showcasing the entire industry.

Dreamforce tops itself as among the planet’s no no galaxy’s most attended and most excited cloud conference. Friends we are just few days away from Dreamforce. Time is ticking and the anticipations continues to mount. We want you to be prepped and excited to experience the “Awesomeness about learning, innovations, and enhancements at this year’s Dreamforce”.

If you are in anywhere in the vicinity of San Francisco, you must attend the annual conference Dreamforce’ 2015 which is of course billed as one of the world’s largest enterprise cloud computing event and draws more than 150,000 registrants every year.

Things Not to do at Dreamforce : Tips and Tricks from salesforce success community

A- Key Necessities — Pre-Event Information:

Let me first give you the necessary information regarding Dreamforce 2015:

When: Tuesday, September 15th — Wednesday, September 16th

Where: Metreon Theater Complex — SOMA, San Francisco

Cost: $600 (Startup Summit + exclusive networking party hosted by Salesforce Ventures & Pledge 1%)

In addition to the Startup Summit, you can grab the chance to experience the zeal and enthusiasm of Dreamforce ’15 with access to four days of:

● Dreamforce show floor, including the SMB Zone

● The DevZone, including an IoT showcase

● Product keynotes

  1. Registration to Grandeur: Register for the Dreamforce 2015 Conference. Why registration so soon? Well who don’t love discounts, goodies, bundles of joy, cashless vouchers, petty pleasures and many more monetary benefits.

Become the early bird and get discounts and at the same time make connections with Dreamforce groups across the social media be it the Salesforce Success communities or on relevant LinkedIn and Facebook groups dedicated to Dreamforce ’15.

2. Stay Tuned, Stay Connected: Don’t be just overwhelmed. Just visit the Dreamforce website , go the Dreamforce Success Community and start networking with other attendees. Use Dreamforce Chatter App. Don’t miss the opportunity of building your potential business at Dreamforce. You will be in a gold mine of intellect, knowledge and success. Various success stories would be waiting for your arrival, which may inspire your exponentially.

Start finding out in your social circle who are going to show their presence at this Expo.

For social network aficionados, the popular hash-tags related to the event are #DF14, @salesforce, #Dreamforce15, #DF15, #DFGives, #DFTrivia, #DF15DreamBoat, ‪#‎RoadToDF15

3. Session Scheduling: Scheduling is very much important for attending such great Conferences. You would certainly don’t want to miss out something or the other. Check out the session schedule, and identify which sessions will be of great use before you even get on site. If you’ve got two or three sessions a day that you’re targeting it is advisable to sign up on Agenda Builder.

It is suggested that you prioritize the sessions from which you want to gain relevant information. Try to make the most of that week. Key is not to try to attend everything.

4. Get on board the Dreamboat: Dreamforce 2015, this time is going to be a lot comfortable journey than ever. Dreamforce has partnered with Celebrity Cruises to add accommodations right on the San Francisco Bay. Stunning cruise ship will be docked at Pier 27 throughout the conference.

The cruise comprises of spacious rooms which features views of the bay or the city skyline. Be the first to grab this opportunity and experience the lavish lifestyle. You can even opt for multiple dining options, night entertainment or lounges. Dreamboat is an innovative way to stay at Dreamforce.

5. Pre-Conference Training: Salesforce also encourages for its attendees to take up an advantage of training from Salesforce University for getting the most of Dreamforce Experience.

These pre-conference courses are held on the weekend before Dreamforce every year. Training classes range from one to three days, and provide deeper insight into specific topics to help you better conceptualize new things you learn.

B- Useful Tips — During Event:

1. Follow Ups: It is very much important to think out of box as there will be so many people and so many brands you will be meeting hence so many people competing for mindshare. And beyond that it is imperative to lay a follow up plan. Always have a plan which necessarily necessitates that how the attendees can interact with your business once they go back to their work on Monday and are digesting the week.

2. Handy Apps: Use Dreamforce ROI Calculator to find out what Dreamforce is worth to your company in terms of sales productivity, customer satisfaction, employee productivity, lead volume, and more. Once you are there at the expo you will be meeting large set of people and almost everyone including you shall be exchanging each others’ business cards. It is suggested smart apps like Evernote, FullContact Card Reader, WorldCard Mobile, ScanBizCards, Foxcard Pro, Business Card Reader helps you in storing the information in phone memory, and gives you a feature to write something about that contact.

3. Essentials: Get a planner and diary to take down notes. This may seems a non-techie idea but you never know when your laptop or smartphone runs down with battery. Yeah for sure get this mighty stick ‘pen’ with you:-)

4. Charity: Don’t just take things away at Dreamforce 2015, give things away! Give back some of your time to help out great causes. Look for the Salesforce Foundation volunteer events and GIVE! Give like there’s no tomorrow! Because if you don’t, for some people who rely on the organization’s Salesforce & Dreamforce support, there may not be a tomorrow!

5. Take A Trip: With Dreamforce giving each of us a good reason to spend time in the city, it would be ideal to step away from the masses and explore. You can visit exotic places like The View at the Marriott, Top of the Mark, Wave Organ, Crissy Field, Lands End Labyrinth.

6. Learn from birds of a feather (BoF session): There are plenty of industry-specific sessions to attend. I am sure you will get good opportunity to learn what challenges others in your industry are facing and how they are solving those issues. Stay hungry and thirsty. There will be thousands of sessions that are led by experts. You must know that Salesforce does not let anyone speak (of course because their skill speaks), so the presenters are domain experts.

C- Superfluous Anticipations:

When something big and magnificent is going to happen in the world that too which is been loved by thousands, the wave of predications, anticipations, expectations, hopefulness, forecasting and of course excitement prevails.

Since, I have attended few Dreamforce’2015 sessions in past many years, hence I could not hold back myself to dig more of Dreamforce’2015.

Let’s have a close look on some interesting things associated with Dreamforce’2015 which are mere anticipations and rumors so far. What all you can expect from this Dreamforce’2015?

Dreamforce 2015 will have everything from killer sessions to electrifying parties. You can party, learn and experience the power of running a business on one cloud. FinancialForce ERP and Salesforce CRM are great alone. But how better they are when acknowledged together? Find out:

C 1- General and Fun Anticipations:

#1: Makeover Time :

The beloved mascot has been among the favorite of thousands over the past years and there are hundreds and more who are constantly busy in taking photo with SaaSy whenever they are finding themselves lucky enough to spot him.

It’s the makeover time for notorious yet lovable SaaSy. There will be not much makeover and won’t alter much of its appearance.

#2: Contest By Marc Benioff:

Marc Benioff’s shoes during Dreamforce has always been a center of attraction and a topic of conversation during the conference. Whether he is known for its loud colors he wears or shimmery glittery shoes that are head turners, Mr. Benioff just knows how to arrive with style and bold fashion.

This time Mr. Benioff is extending opportunity to 5th graders to help design the pair of shoes that he’s going to wear during Dreamforce’2015. Excited :-)

#3: Mystic Moments At Dream Park:

Don’t be mistaken that Dreamforce takes place in “just” San Francisco, but it transforms the whole city, particularly Howard Street with its awesomeness.

The event this year will lift the city, revitalizes its senses and the Howard Street will turn to Dream Park (the new name for this year). Experience the awe-inspiring entertainment, food, activities, programming, airstreams and lot more in store. Get psyched for whole this new and exciting things which is just going to happen in next few lucky days at the Dream Park in 2015.

#4: Swag, Goodies and Bundles of Joy:

Who doesn’t like a freebie? T-shirts, portable charges, stress balls, t-shirts, pens….you name it.. it’s all there. You all know that Dreamforce brings for its attendees plentiful of goodies in the form of utilities and essentials.

This year a lot of effort and consideration has been taken for choosing these bagful of goodies. A lot more effort has been taken for designing the bag. Let’s have fingers crossed that this year’s Dreamforce backpack will be better than ever :-)

#5: Kim Kardashian — The Visual Treat:

Another intriguing Dreamforce 2015 speculation is that Kim Kardashian will be one of the main keynote speakers.

Still it is quite dicey what this iconic figure beauty will be speaking to thousands of intelligent business professionals, but it seems the topics will revolve round machine learning and big data. This one seems to be the presentation you definitely wouldn’t want to miss. She will also give highlights on its highly successful app (new releases).

#6: Gary Clark Jr. and Foo Fighters:

Just business talks? No Fun? Certainly Not At Dreamforce. Get ready to work hard and enjoy even harder.

Foo Fighters, who have bagged 11 Grammys are now ready to rock the floor of Dreamforce’2015. Be sure to catch special guest and renowned Gary Clark Jr. as he is going to open a killer night of music. Have a mesmerizing event!

#7: Fake Bono vs Real Bono

Yes! You read this right!!

Whosoever will witness Dreamforce’2015, they will be seeing the real Bono this time. Get your selfie sticks ready with rose color sunglasses and leather jacket real Bono. Don’t miss the life-time opportunity of soaking yourself in awesomeness.

C- 2 Business-Related Speculations:

#1: Bigger The Better:

Inspiration. Imagination. Innovation. All this sums up to Dreamforce’2015 and it will be soon right in front of you with magnificent opening ceremony.

According to Leslie Tom, the Vice President of Partner Marketing at Salesforce, some 10 years ago there were only 3,000 registered partners. Today, there are 150,000 registered partners which are expected to attend which includes both online and on-site. With this dramatic boost, Dreamforce has prepared a magnificent event in order to honor them.

#2: Give All Your Ears To:

The key speakers at the conference are Marc Benioff, Chairman & CEO,Salesforce, Satya Nadella, (CEO, Microsoft), Jessica Alba (Founder, The Honest Company), Susan Wojcicki (CEO, Youtube), Goldie Hawn (Founder, The Hawn Foundation), Hikmet Ersek (President / CEO, Western Union), Mark Moloney (CEO, CoderDojo), Tara Brach (Author, Mindfulness Teacher), Josh Tetrick (CEO, Hampton Creek), George Colony (CEO, Forrester) and Jim Breyer (Founder/CEO Breyer Capital).

#3: Women’s Leadership Track:

As a Salesforce partner, I have been blessed twice to listen the brightest minds and biggest companies in tech. Friends don’t miss the unique opportunity to come together and discuss some of the highlights in our industry which definitely includes diversity and women in tech.

In the past, Dreamforce has been a great platform for showcasing female leaders like Marissa Mayer, Sheryl Sandberg, Meg Whitman, Hillary Clinton and more. Hence, this time it’s going to be bigger and prouder. The most powerful, influential and diverse women that have succeeded in male dominated fields — from CEOs to supermodels, from superhero actresses to super scientists, the session at Dreamforce’2015 will be welcoming these most dominant leading personalities.

#4: FinancialForce.com:

You will be really excited to know that Dreamforce2015 will be proud to announce that FinancialForce.com is officially a Titanium Level Sponsor for this coming Dreamforce. Financial. Force will have sessions for Salesforce admins, HR leaders, services pros and so many more.

Stay busy in learning at DF15. ERPcentral sessions at SPUR and MOAD. With two buildings around the corner from Moscone on Mission street, they will show their presence bigger than ever this year.

#5: Partner Package:

Dreamforce’2015 is going to showcase its Partner Zone at the Park Central Hotel, which is just a short walk from Moscone North. Talk to partners, Salesforce Alliances employees and touch base with the partner community overall. Attend the newly added daily partner networking events. These events will be taking place throughout the week between 3pm and 5pm. Each day will consist of a different selected theme — September 15 will be a Luau theme, September 16 will be a Global theme, and September 17 will be a Fiesta theme.

The Cloud Expo will boast plenty of partners in Moscone West and Moscone North during the week. Grab the chance to showcase your products and speak to customers, prospects and business professionals in the ecosystem. Of course there will be a Partner Appreciation Party on Wednesday, September 16 at 7:00pm at the City View in the Metreon. The list has not ended here. Instead do not forget to stick around for the AppBash party.

#6: Marketing Automation- Pardot: This year Dreamforce’2015 will be even helping you in streamlining your event planning efforts. The marketing gurus will be lighting torch on few ways how marketing automation can make you life easier when it comes to event marketing. If you are already a marketing automation tool user, get prepared to know more tips and strategies which might be useful for you. Do not miss the Paradot’s keynote at this year’s Dreamforce for a closer look at how marketing automation fits into your overall B2B marketing and selling strategy.

Dreamforce 2014: A Magnificent Experience

Let’s Meet :

Folks, I hope you are as excited as I am for this year’s conference. Let’s meet there and experience “the real difference making” event. It’s Salesforce, Dreamforce and its Awesome!

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