Inevitable Mobile Trends To Flood 2015

The year 2015 has been marked with a plethora of discussion on the mobile trends that would pave the path this year. There was a large swing from enterprise mobility, BYOD, CYOD to IOT (internet of things) and m-commerce. This year has been marked as the year of ‘WOW’ as the users are not only looking for functional apps but for applications that wow them.

When it comes to trends, some of the most prominent so far which have also managed to be in contention for a promising run towards the end of 2015 are discussed in this blog.

1. The Wearables- The market will soon witness the battle for wearables which is going up to another level all together.

The body borne computing devices already thriving the market and brimming with success are

Pebble Steel which is considered as the best smartwatch ever and it has surpassed the best known gizmos. It grants future to be strapped to our body and it’s not farcical. Similarly there is this Fitbit Flex which has quiet intelligently mapped exercise into gaming and aims to increase our fitness level without stepping into a gym.

With the idea of Apple Watch which is an accurate timepiece, a communication device and a fitness companion besides also being a luxury collection designed specifically for the wrist, there is an even more discernible buzz in the market relating to wearables. So in other words Android wear developersneed to buckle up their shoes for chasing the run.

2. Subscription In, One-Time Payment Out- The relationship consumers share with the brands these days will be more like a subscription for services. What we thought to be the end of sale or completion of business transaction will now actually mean the very starting point of sale. Mobile will help people connect better with real time updates on facts and features. Research is on all around on the various steps to improve buying and selling and so shall it continue to come up with new findings throughout the year 2015. This will also be based on how to engage and attract prospects with products and services in a unique fashion.

Thus it has become a cycle of events of seeing a product, using the product and helping customers ‘at the moment’.

3. Mobile Loyalty & Payments — Mobile payments are ‘viral’ these days. People of any section, age and background can easily make the payments from their mobile devices without having to move an inch. Nowadays it’s not only about mobile payments but it has stretched its limits to ‘global mobile payments’. With the surge in global tourism and apps being localized into 10 plus languages it leaves the app developers at the face of another distinguished challenge to support international currencies. Hence mobile payments will be soon reaching international heights.

Of course the concept of ‘mobile wallet’ is soaring and it now much talked about. As people are finding it more convenient to carry their mobile devices rather than a bunch of cards. It serves as a one stop shop which satiates all the payment needs. Brands and retailers will also look forward to m-commerce where people can scan for their stuff, pick up what they need and make online payment from their mobile devices irrespective of the time and place.

4. Internet of things will flourish- Year 2015 will also witness the expansion of IOT (internet of things). And the smartphone will be the ‘control hub’ for the Internet of Things.

The vision goes something like this- Homo sapiens would don an electronic skin. They will use internet and mobile devices to transmit their sensations. It would range from keeping a check on the babies to track your activity levels, from heating your home efficiently to tracking down your lost keys. With the emergence of wearables the IOT accessories will become must-haves.

5. Health Monitoring- In today’s hectic world people have time to glue to their mobile devices but don’t have time to monitor their own health situations. Hence 2015 will also see an unthinkable rise in health and nutrition monitoring through our mobile devices which implies that the mobile and wearable devices will generate real time data of our body activities. The health care domain has a lot to offer. It would range from tracking blood glucose levels to measuring sleep quality or even measuring the amount of carbon dioxide in the muscles. It can also keep you updated about your stress level and heart rates.

6. Curved display- The next big thing is the craze around the curved screens. Many POCs have been done by various outfits and it is about time that we can have one such in our hands. This unique design comes with three prominent advantages: battery life can be extended quite a bit by just looking at the missed notification on the edge without firing the whole screen. Second, you can access the updates from the app more easily. And lastly you have an additional level of control over the device with new buttons and other customizable features.

Indeed there is a lot we are expecting to happen in 2015. But what shall be interesting to see is that as we approach the end of the year, which of these trends will steal the show from the rest?

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