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Whatsup! My name is Adella and I’m a rising senior in the products track; Jenny is a rising junior in the products track. This summer, Jenny and I had the amazing opportunity to be Design Interns on the Fresh Operations team at Jet.

Main Entrance and the Fresh landscape? Check it out! is among the fastest growing and most innovative e-commerce companies recently acquired by Walmart. Both companies are leveraging innovative technology to develop new digital and brick & mortar shopping experiences to help customers save time and money. However, both companies remain distinct in their brands with Walmart focusing on Everyday Low Prices and focusing on providing unique and curated assortments for more urban customers.

Did you know you can shop for groceries online? What was incredible to witness during our internship was how fast paced and competitive the fresh grocery business is. Walmart and Jet are in a colliding rivalry with Amazon and Whole Foods. It’s an exhilarating and unique time to be a designer in this space because we are rethinking how groceries can be brought to different types of demographics through innovative and appropriate digital/physical solutions.

What we got to do and learn

While we can’t go into too much detail about our individual projects, both of us worked on packaging, service, and systems design within an operations team. We also got to lead design workshops with our ops team to incorporate more design processes and align with Jet’s evolving business model.

So wait, what. Designers on an operations team?

Being on the Fresh Ops team was a really eye opening experience. We were exposed to a lot of the business and logistics that designers normally don’t see. This meant getting comfortable with ambiguity quickly and learning to be confident in translating logistical complexities to design decisions. It was definitely a large learning curve in the beginning but our team was right there to support us the whole way and patiently answered the zillion questions that CMU designers tend to ask (you guys know what I mean).

Our awesome Fresh Ops team

What’s it like to work purple?

It was really purple! People at Jet are some of the kindest and most supportive people we’ve met, encouraging and empowering individuals to live and work brilliant. Not only was our team amazing and supportive, both of us would often collaborate with teams across the company like copy, creative, visual design, and ux research. One of the most unexpected ways we met people across all walks of Jet life was actually through ping pong where we spontaneously talked with front end developers, talent experience, operations, the head of ux research, and more.

Jet’s environment was very focused on providing different spaces for different modes of work. From collaborative couches to meditation rooms, anyone can find a workspace that’s ideal for them.

Intern Festivities

Outside of work there were never ending events and talks that interns could attend. The internship experience was jam-packed and ensured that we developed a strong relationship and bigger picture understanding of Jet’s exponential growth.

Weekly tech talks and intern presentations

Main Takeaway

Jet is the type of encouraging environment and innovative group of people where you have the freedom to bring what you’ve learned to the table. As CMU designers, that means we can mingle our process and thinking to help solve complex and ambiguous problems while being pushed out of our comfort zone, and into a lightning fast pace and designing for scale. Ultimately, the whole experience from being fortunate to live in Manhattan to working in a startup world was super fresh!

Work View

Thank you for reading. Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you want to learn more about our experience at! Live Bold!

— Adella Guo
— Jenny Hu